Prezi Business Story Package FAQ


What is a Story plan?

The Story plan separates Presenters and Creators into different license types. Do you have only a few content creators in your company, but a lot of presenters? Why pay for full editor access for everyone when you can get them just the presenter features they need for a lower price. The Story plan starts at a 25-seat package, consisting of 20 presenter / reviewer seats and 5 creator seats. Additional seats can be acquired as needed at $600 for creators and $250 for presenters.


What is a Presenter license?

The Presenter license is available for presenters and reviewers. If you plan to only present or share Prezi presentations, leave feedback through our commenting functionality, or analyze the performance with Prezi Analytics, this is the the license for you. You’ll have full access to all our conversational presenting capabilities, commenting, and Prezi Analytics. The Presenter License also allows you to make copies of existing presentations and do light editing(*).

*"Light editing" is defined as swapping out images using the "Replace" button or editing existing text.


What features are included in the Presenter license?

The Presenter license offers both Presenter and Review features.

Presenter features:

  • Online and offline presenting
  • Live Prezi
  • Portable presentations
  • Export to PDF
  • Prezi Viewer for iOS and Android
  • Prezi Remote
  • Presenter View
  • Salesforce integration
  • Revocable share links
  • Privacy settings
  • Shared folders

Reviewer features:

  • Commenting
  • Slack integration
  • Prezi Analytics
  • Leaderboard


What is a Creator license?

The Creator license is available for content creators. With this license you’ll get full access to our Prezi Next editing capabilities. If you plan to create or heavily modify content, this license is for you. The Creator license also includes all Presenter license capabilities.


What features are included with the Creator license?

The Creator license includes everything from the Presenter license, plus:

Creator license features:

  • Customizable designer templates
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Full editor access, including:
    • Smart structures
    • Branded theme settings
    • Data visualization and chart editor
    • Animations
    • Multi-media support (audio, video, images, etc.)
    • Vector shapes
    • Icons and Symbols

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