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Wordly Wise 8 Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Vocabulary

Jennifer Teacher

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Wordly Wise 8 Lesson 1

avid having strong desire for. enthusiastic turbulent brusque concise demean despicable emulate evoke excruciating inaugurate pervade proprietor pseudonym rebuff resilient Many young basketball players tried
to emulate Michael Jordan. to try to equal; to imitate abrupt in manner or speech. You have avid eyes. He maintained his speech with avid tone. He treated his staff in a brusque way His antagonistic brusqueness
makes me angry. His address is a concise speech.
I need a concise explanation. short and to the point Don't demean yourself by doing business with her. to cause a lowering of self-esteem deserving contempt or scorn I am ashamed of your despicable deed. It was despicable of him to cheat in the exam. One cat is emulating the other one. very painful He is having an excruciating headache. to install in office with formal ceremony
to begin officially or mark the opening of There is a ceremony to inaugurate
a new museum. to spread throughout Germs can quickly pervade if you don't wash your hands. restaurant proprietor
sole proprietor a fictitious name used by an author; a pen name His pseudonym is Neko. to reject bluntly He rebuffed the salesperson at the door. capable of recovering quickly from misfortune. returning quickly to an original shape or condition The government needs to establish strong and resilient financial systems. chaotic; unruly
stormy; tempestuous Her behavior was in such a turbulent manner. The ship sailed after turbulent wave. to brink to mind; often by suggestion Lesson 1
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