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Coffee Maker

No description

kaleb oelberg

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Coffee Maker

The Coffee Maker
Major Changes Made To The Coffee Maker
One of the first major changes was the adding of a filter to produce a better coffee.
Other major changes were the invention of the heater under the pot and the insulated coffee pot.
Reference Page
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Kaleb Oelberg
Brandon Hopson
Hr: 1
The Original Invention and Patents
The first ever coffee machine made coffee by boiling water and mixing in the coffee grounds. Some of the existing patents are Kuerig machine and K-cups, coffee decaffeination process, and phone app for ordering remotely.
Engineering Disciplines
The main engineering discipline is mechanical engineering. Another one of the disciplines is chemical engineering.
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The first Coffee Percolator was made and patented in France by Mr. Laurens of Paris.
The first Coffee Filter Paper is invented and patented by Melitta Bentz.
The First Instant Coffee is invented and patented by Satori Kato.
The First Drip Coffee maker is invented for home use by Vincent Marotta
The First Starbucks opens its doors in Seattle
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