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my students' work ( from Farcasa)

Iuliana Bartha

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Romania

This is our country :

Our country is very beautiful. We want to show you this . It will not be easy because there are many wonderful places .
It's called 'black' because of the water colour .
We have the Black Sea .
We hope you will like this and want to visit us one day .
Enjoy it !
Our flag
Romania' s anthem
We have mountains :
The Carpathians
We have fields :
And we have the beautiful Danube River with the
Danube Delta.
Our village is in the region of Transylvania
in Maramures County.
This is Transylvania :
Maramures is in Transylvania. It is a densely populated area . Visitors come here to see castles, beautiful landscapes where past and present are as one. Some of the greatest leaders of Transylvania were Mihai cel Mare 9 Mihai the Great) or Vlad Tepes , with an interesting background.

We have famous castles like Castle Peles, Castle Corvin, Old Town Brasov, the city Rupea Apulum, a Roman castle, the medieval fortress Balgras, Calorina white city, Aiud and more. I want to mention "Dracula's Castle" - Bran Castle , where visitors come hoping to see vampires. About Transylvania said to be lived by vampires, but it is just a myth.
Dracula's Castle
All these are in big cities such as Arad, Timisoara, Cluj, Oradea , Alba Iulia, , Sibiu Baia Mare , etc.
~ We invite you to visit Transylvania. This world is a wonderful place and the air and the view make you feel like you're born again!~
Over time it was part of the Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Hungary, Austrian Empire .

Romanian rulers -Vlad Tepes (b. November / December 1431 - died in December 1476), also known as Vlad Dracul (or Dracula by foreigners) ruled in the years 1448, 1455-1462 and 1476. .He was born in Sighisoara in Transylvania . .During his reign, Romanian Land had temporarily achieved independence from the Ottoman Empire.
-Mihai Viteazul or Mihai the Brave , who was the first Romanian leader to unify our country in 1600.
Peles Castle
Peles Castle was built at the initiative of the first King of Romania, Carol I.After 1914, Peles Castle has exercised the function of representation and museum.Since 1990, respectively 1993 and until today, castles Peles and Pelisor are reopened for visitors.
Maramures is a county in the northern part of Romania.It is in Transylvania . In terms of traditional culture it consists of four areas :Tara Chioarului ( The Land of Chioar);Tara Lapusului The Land of Lapus);Tara Maramuresului (The Land of Maramures )and Tara Codrului( in south-west) ( The Land of Woods), plus the metropolitan area of Baia Mare. It is a beautiful county,where the traditions are preserved.
Maramures Map
The capital of the county is Baia Mare.
There are a lot of tourist attractions.
Museums in Maramures:
Ethnography Museum in Sighet,Ethnography and Folk, Art Museum Baia Mare,Artistic center of Baia Mare - Museum of Art,Florean Museum,Mineralogical Museum Baia Mare,Sighet Memorial Museum,County Museum of History
Archeology Baia Mare
The Merry Cemetery is a cemetery in Sapanta, famous for tombs which are carved in wood with colorful paintings ,representing scenes from the life and occupation of the buried person.
Winter ice rink in "Old Town"
Paragliding at Mogosa
Pilgrimage at Moisei Monastery
Maramures is famous for its wooden churches ,architectural masterpieces. These include "Sapanta-Peri Monastery" which, with a height of 78, is cataloged as the tallest wooden church in the world.
Often called "the Vaser Valley railway' , the Railway through the Forest of Viseu de Sus is located in the north, on the border with Ukraine and is a wealth of both technique and Culture . It goes on a route of 60 km and it still uses a steam locomotive, using wood for fuel. CFF Viseu de Sus (short for Forest Railway) is known worldwide as the last forest railway that works with steam.
People can travel by this train and there is a program for visitors, starting with 2005 and , from 2007 Vaser Valley is part of the Natural Park "Maramureş Mountains" and under European protection.
Ridge cock-in Spring
Ridge cock-in Winter
Maramures County is an administrative unit which was established after the Great Union of 1918 when the southern part of Maramures County became part of Romania in the interwar period Maramuresş County (wars) covered only the north-east over Gutai,
The Maramures forests
The forests in Maramures were always full with many animals:deer, bear, fox, wolf, boar, fisher, etc. and other species:chamois,marmot,grouse and golden eagle.
The species of rarefly plants include :Larix decidua, Pinus cembra, edelweiss, piebalb tulip.
Tamaia is a less high village.
Sarbi is a small village.
Buzesti is a less high village.
Farcasa is a large village/commune. Farcasa is formed by four villages :Tamaia, Sarbi, Buzesti and, of course, Farcasa.
Somes river
Somes river passes by Farcasa and Tamaia. It is very deep but
it is clean. The children can bathe in it.
There is a very old wooden church in Buzesti with which we are so proud .
Sarbi is a village situated on the hills.
Tamaia is situated on a plain area close to the river Somes.
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