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No description

Fernando Machado

on 19 May 2016

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By Ferdinand Machado
Imagine a time when no one knew the world was round and when people thought there were monsters swimming around the water. Well that changed when Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the globe. He wasn't the first one who sailed around the globe,but the first one to sail the longest. He had no wife or children but that changed when he got married. He went to war once but got wounded he went to war again to prove them wrong.He was a very brave man to go back to war.
Ferdinand Magellan was born sometime around 1480 in Portugal. He was born to the Magellan family. He was the youngest of three kids. When he was twelve his life was changing.He was chosen by the Portugal's Queen,Lenora to be her pages. Pages were boys who ran messages. By 1994, young Ferdinand decided.he was going to become a explorer. By 1496,sixteen- year-old Ferdinand was a government clerk.He helped setup voyages to Asia for great captains like Vasco Da Gama.
Ferdinand Going To War
By 1505,the Arab navy attacked Portugal's ships.King Manuel struck back. Portugal was going to be part of it.And Ferdinand decided he was going to be part of it.And Ferdinand decided he was going to be part of it.He wouldn't be paid a penny for risking his life.He only did that because he could be able to escape.Those who didn't know him
Step 5
Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Magellan Information
Young Life
Ferdinand Magellan
Fernando Wanted
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