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The Moon

No description

Ben Lloyd-King

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of The Moon

What are we learning about today?
How many moons could you fit inside the Earth?
The Phases of the Moon
Draw the phases of the moon
Learning Outcomes
1) Describe the phases of the Moon.

2) Explain why you see phases of the Moon.

3) Explain why eclipses happen.
The Moon
What are the phases of the moon?
How are eclipses produced?
Think, pair, share...
When do we see the moon?
What do you already know?
What is an Eclipse?
Why do they happen?
When and why do we see a new moon?
When and why do we see a full moon?
When and why do we see a quarter moon?
Lunar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Think, pair share...

Revisit your descriptions of how the Moon changes from the beginning of the lesson.

Add any details you did not originally include.

Expand on your answers using your knowledge from this lesson.
Now let's model this in class...
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