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Live Your Life

No description

Brianna Leinon

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Live Your Life

Living Life My Way! Evil Ways of the Depressed The Ways of Happiness "Richard Cory" "An Episode of War" "I Hear America Singing" "Lucinda Matlock"
Walt Whitman
To say "Their strong melodious songs" represents how people have strong, happy lives.
In "I hear America Singing" people of all different kinds are mentioned which shows everyone can enjoy life no matter their status.
Plus in this poem it implies how people can work all day but then party at night and celebrate their lives.
It's Funny
It Makes You Want to Smile! :) Edgar Lee Masters
"It takes life to love Life" I think by Edgar saying this he meant that you have to enjoy and live life to the fullest in order to love life.
At the end of this poem I think Masters meant that if you really live your life and enjoy it, you can't be sad when the end of your life nears.
This poem fits my view on life very well because it talks about having to take chances in life in order to get the most out of it and I agree I think that in order to experience the best things in life you have to take chances.

I think that life should be looked as a postive thing. I would have to agree with Edgar Lee Masters in "Lucinda Matlock" when he talked about life and how tons of things such as marriage and children can make a life worth while. I also believe that in order to have a full life you have to experience all emotions at some point in ones life and to let other people see these emotions so they know what you are feeling as well, unlike in "Richard Cory". To me taking chances on anything in life can be the most rewarding. Plus people can die at anytime so you have to live while you can. Therefore I choose to have a completely optimistic outlook on my life! Edwin Arlington Robinson
In "Richard Cory" a man watches another man walk past him everyday until one day the man just doesn't appear. The man then finds out the other man had killed himself and finds it to be sad and wonders why he committed suicide.
Through this poem it shows how one's life to the outside person could seem to be great but it isn't great at all. To the person living the life it's really sad, lonely, and the person is unhappy
I don't think that people should live like this. I think that if people are sad they should show their emotion because that way if you are sad, it is possible to know the sad times but when you are happy you learn to appreciate that emotion much, much more. My View Of Life In "An Episode of War" Stephen Crane looks at life to be negative.
He see's it so negative that he would rather get hurt to go home rather than just live his life like a normal person.
He also shows how people just go through the daily motions of life and fall into a routine that makes them bored with their lives.
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