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Capital Campaign - LHS

No description

Makena Yarbrough

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of Capital Campaign - LHS

Long Range Plan/Vision
Vision: The Lynchburg Humane Society will help create a community where all lives are valued and respected. We envision achieving zero tolerance for ending the lives of saveable pets in the Lynchburg community.

The Lone Dancer in the Field
Board member read Nathan Winograd's - Redemption

Hired their first Executive Director

Created a Vision/long range plan

Engaged the community
Placement - increase adoptions and return to owners
Spay/neuter - Programs to target low income, feral cats and pitbulls
Shelter - research the feasibility of rehabing current facility or building a new one.

Desired result: reach No Kill Community by 2015
Thank You!
Opened March 21st 2015
25,000 sq. ft.
Center for Pets
$5.2 million raised in 2 1/2 years
Be clear on your "why" the new building is needed
Final thoughts
Don't listen to people who say you can't

Look to other fields for inspiration and creative attention getting ideas
Find the right leader, might not be someone who is a pet person

Pound for the City of Lynchburg
Euthanizing 51%
6 board members
40% dogs
64% cats
2,690 intake
Annual budget of

Pound for the City of Lynchburg
2,359 intake
Euthanizing 6 %
3% dogs
9 % cats
19 board members
Annual budget of $1,044,000
Shelter operations: $720,000

Then and After............ New Building
Go out and start a movement
Pound for the City
of Lynchburg

3,233 intake

Euthanizing 6%
4% dogs
9% cats

18 board members

Annual budget of
Shelter operations:
Why Do a Feasibility Study?
1. Community’s perception of the importance of the need for
which money is to be raised.
2. Feelings, both positive and negative, about the organization
and its mission.
3. Size of the potential donor base and its ability to give.
4. Availability of strong campaign leadership and effective
5. Internal resources available for the campaign and the
preparedness of the organization to undertake it.
6. External factors that could influence the outcome of the
Editorial staff
Radio ad
Press releases
TV stories
Social Media
Lynchburg Humane Society
Group Asks
$25k or less prospects
invited by committee/board member
Central location
Afterwork time
Where we started
What is our plan
The Ask
Campaign Committees
Primary Campaign Committee
Community members
Board members
Public Phase

Our Time Table- $4.8 Goal
Board commitment for new building- 5 months- 2010
Look for location - 2010-1 year
Grow board: 2010-2011
City involvement- 2011-2012 (8 months)
Plans and Rezoning- 2010-11
Campaign really kicked off March 2012
Raised little over 1/2 before the $1 M Match Campaign Started and public phase. 2013
Campaign Ended Sept 1, 2014-
$5.2 Raised
Ground breaking - Nov 2013
3 prospects for each gift in pyramid
Lead gift- 20% of total campaign
Sub Committees
Dentist, Doctors, Attorneys, Corporate

Committee Members
Four C's
You have to be credible for any of it to work
Call Report
Soliciting Person/team
Amount of Ask
Information Learned
Next step (by whom and when)
Response (commitment/decline)
Completed (date)
Every committee person has to make a pledge
100% of the board
Soft Costs
Land $720,000
Connection fees $75,000
Donor Wall $50,000
Pledge Loss $150,000
Campaign Costs $40,000
Furniture $75,000
Interest Carry $175,000
Equipment $100,000
Soil Borings $0
Special Inspections $6,000
Civil Engineering fees $8,447
Architectural/engine $206,500
Signage ect. $10,000
Legal fees $5,000
Total $1,620,947

"Soft" costs
Site development
We had raised $2.5 million when the $ 1 million match donor came in to play
Total Project Costs
Individual Ask
Leadership level prospects- $25k plus
Groups of 2-3 people usually
Packet of information with pledge form
and naming opportunities
Presented the why (tour old building)
Showed the plan
Talked about the future
Answered questions
Ask for a certain dollar amount- Silence
Folllow up

Campaign Co-Chairs Secured Aug. 2011
No animal should be killed just because it doesn't have a home
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