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No description

Mara Hubelbank

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of ICEB

This book takes place in present-day Antarctica, with a team of people stuck on an iceberg that has been sent adrift, thus creating a suspenseful mood.
Main Character
Harry Carpenter is a logical and analytical scientist who, with his wife Rita, must lead a team of scientists on a mission to bring icebergs to places in which fresh water is needed.
On a mission to bring icebergs to places in which fresh water is scarce, Henry Carpenter and his team of scientists become stranded in the middle of the arctic, stuck on an iceberg that has been set adrift by a tidal wave. Their mission was to plant sixty powerful explosives within the iceberg, but now they are stranded, with the bombs still ticking away below their feet. If the group does not get off the iceberg within the eleven hours left on the timers, they will be demolished with the ice. Their only hope left is a nearby Russian submarine, which may not reach them in time. But with a strong storm in the way, as well as a possible assassin lurking among the team, chances are slim for Harry’s team to survive. This science fiction novel written by Dean Koontz keeps you on the edge of your seat up until the minute the bombs detonate.
The main conflict of this story is that a team of research scientists has been stranded on an iceberg that has been set adrift, with little hope of survival. The group has eleven hours before the bombs explode. In the end, the team makes it onto a nearby Russian submarine with little time to spare.
"Then, as suddenly as the terror had begun—no more than a minute ago—it ended." –Page 52
This quote, from early in the book, quickly starts to create a tense and suspenseful tone. Just seconds ago, Harry and his team were shaken up by an earthquake, the berg split in half and sent one of the team members into a chasm. As quickly as the horror had begun, it immediately ceased, and the world around them was again silent and motionless.
The main theme of the book is about science and experimenting, but the book is also about human traits and fear and trying to figure out what to do in a situation you have no control over.
Personal Response
This book constantly kept me on the edge of my seat, questioning the possible obstacles that could stand in the scientists’ way. I didn’t know whether Harry and the team would survive the storm, and no reader could guess who the assassin was until it punches you in the face. I could relate to the human nature aspect of it, to Harry when he had to decide in the moment what was best for the people around him.
By Dean Koontz
A Prezi by Mara Hubelbank
Another conflict within the team arises when an assassin within Harry's team tries to kill Brian Dougherty. This conflict is resolved when the killer dies while the rest of the team is escaping the iceberg.
"This time he had a good reason for risking everything: A human life was at stake. Was that the problem? Was it that he didn't want to be a hero?”
I personally like this quote because it explains a conflict within Brian Dougherty, as well as providing character development. He comes from a line of well-loved politicians, heroes for the record books. He is considering going in to the chasm to save his fellow scientist, George Lin, who fell into a chasm when a sudden earthquake occurred, and he’s not sure if he is scared of the death that potentially awaits him in the icy waters below, or his constant hope not to be like the rest of his family.
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