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James Jones

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Technologies

Technologies -Production - GTA IV cost approximately
$100 million to make, making it the
most espensive ever. Over 1000 people
worked on the game, which took three and
a half years to make. Although it cost $100
million to make, it soon made this back. On its
first day it sold 3.6 million copies world wide
and made $500 million in its first week of sales!

-Distribution - GTA IV was sold on the internet,
in music stores such as HMV, Virgin, in supermarkets
like Tesco, Argos, the list goes on and on and on, the
fact is once it was released you couldn't walk down a high
street without seeing a poster of this game.

-Marketing & exchange Institutions Audience Issues Future Technical capabilities I will be looking at the technical capabilities of consoles we live with today. When I say technical capabilities I refer to can they play DVD? Is online gaming an option?

Nintendo Wii - is the first console to of taken away the stigma that attaches its self to computer games consoles "computer games are what make the children of today obese" many parents/politicians have screamed. The Wii introduced gaming that uses movement and can actually be classed as exercise. This is some GTA IV
gameplay. How realistic the
graphics are is rather frightening. http://www.rockstargames.com/IV Sony was founded way back in 1964 by to Japenese fellows called Akio Morita and Masura Ibuka. Sony are famous for the Sony walkman which was released in 1979. The name Sony means sound in Latin and is where they got this name from. Revenue exceeded $78.88 billion, this is a ridculous sum of money. Even though Sony had all this capital, even they felt the wrapth of the recession. They cut 20,000 jobs and shut 20% of its plants. Sony are notorious for the consoles they have
made which are referred to as the playstation.
The playstation 3 is there most recent design and unlike other consoles in its competitor rang has no censor. It too is a DVD player which supports Blu-Ray DVDs. They release exlusive games that are only available on the PS3 to act as an incentive for potential customers to buy the PS3 Nintendo was formed way back in 1889. They began producing Japenese playing cards. Nintendo means "leave luck to heaven".
The Mario Brothers are known globally and belong to Nintendo.
Nintendo went to knew levels of gaming when it introduced the Wii. Its the first game console to of taken away the stigma that attaches its self to computer games consoles "computer games are what make the children of today obese" many parents/politicians have screamed. The Wii introduced gaming that uses movement and can actually be classed as exercise. Microsoft released the XBOX in 2001 to compete with Sonys Playstation 2 and Nintendos GameCube. It was the first console to allow upto four players to play at one time. For a decade and more the computer games
industry has been dominated by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. However, Onlive is the newest Games console and will be a major threat to all three. Onlive instantly delivers the latest high end titles over home broadband internet to the TV and PCs.

Its been created by a technology entreprenuer Steve Perlman who's also behind QuickTime which is a media player. Onlive has been in the making a long time, 7 years! Its not yet out, it is due the 17th of June in the US so probably a later date in the UK.

Onlive has a month-to-month service fee of $14.99 which is just under 10 great British pounds. This is just the monthly fee to keep it activated, you have to buy games from the onlive store which you can play instantly. I'm guessing the games will be cheaper than what other consoles sell them at as packaging does not have to be produced. Development in the games industry This is Xbox's most famous game, Halo. This is the trailer for the newest release. The computer game industry has grown from a niche market (relatively small, specialist markets) to mass market (product that's produced in large numbers). The computer games industry took around $9.5 billion in 2007 and $11.7 billion in 2008.

The way gaming industries distribute their games has changed over te years too. Stores such as Game, HMV and Virgin used to be the only way to get hold of games but when the internet came along this changed too. Websites like Play.com, ebay, and amazon have made video games easier to own and cheaper!
GTA IV Marketing Hot Coffee mod is a mini-game on the San Andreas computer game for windows based computers. The mini game allows the main character to have sexual intercourse with his in game girlfriend. Once people found out about the Hot Coffee mini-game politicians and parents prompted Rockstar game to change the rating to an adult game. Rockstar had to withdraw it from the game and it is no longer. Some guerilla marketing for GTA IV in New York City
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