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Renate Wolff

No description

Kirk Larson

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Renate Wolff

Renate Wolff
Renate Wolff is an eight year old girl born on October 19, 1933.
Georg and Lilli were her siblings that lived with her in Hamburg, Germany. She was taken to Riga, Latvia and placed in a ghetto. The ghettos were emptied and she was never heard of again.

By Michael Flack 1944
This poem by Michael Flack was written about the concentration camp Terezin. It forms around the intense work, suffering, and starvation that its inhabitants faced. The inmates there eagerly stole from each other to keep themselves alive and were exposed to extreme pain physically as well as mentally. He explains the fact that the camp wouldn't let you live, nor let you die and the years of uncertainty spent wondering if they would be freed or killed. This poem makes me feel like a person freed from the horrors that the world could be like. Flack makes this poem express his reality like a dreamworld: living everyday like it is a routine filled with pain and malnutrition.
Symbols of the Butterfly
Many symbols and colors represent the poem and child.
Wheel, Badge, and Pillars
These represent the poem.
-Wheel: "The heaviest wheel rolls
across our foreheads."
-Badge: "Wanting a badge of blindness to
be proof for their own children."
-Pillars: "A fourth year of waiting."
The Flames
"And the cannons don't scream and the guns don't bark."
The Blue Wings
"Meanwhile, the rivers flows another way, another way, not letting you die, not letting you live."
The Flag, Book, and Coins
These represent the child: Renate Wolff.
-Flag: from Hamburg, Germany.
-Book: Her father was a teacher.
-Coins: Their attempt to escape.
Renate Wolff and Terezin
By Kinsey Larson
Link to Butterfly
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