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Prezi Narrative

About me and what not

Steven Legarretta

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Prezi Narrative

Steven Legarretta Prezi on me Attributes & what i like.. Friendly, creative, not boring, can motivate people, bring them up when their feeling down, like to have fun with out trying to slack at all, hardworking, always determined. How can these attributes help me succeed in life,school,and class? How all these can help me succeed in all including life is that all of my attributes help me think about what i do and make the right choices, and in school, these help me be more responsible with my schoolwork as of meeting all the deadlines of when stuff is due and also just paying attention. What are some goals you would like to reach this
semester? In class ?Any lifetime goals ?What
motivates you? The goals that I am aiming at for this semester really is just to make sure that I am on top of my game and that i pass all my classes as best as i can.
The life time goals that I have are to just reach the job that I am working for. Which in this case would be a physical therapist.
What really motivates me but probably others would disagree is that I am the oldest in my family so whatever I do my younger siblings look up to me.
So this inspires me to do my best and make the best choices possible. I don't really belong to any communities at this time. I have done some community service but that is one thing that I would want to improve here at EPCC. What communities do you belong to? My main strength that i would most likely list would be that I am very determined and with this i would not back down from any challenge that i would come across.

My weaknesses that i would probably list would be that i can get distracted or off task easily so with a lot of work to be done this is kinda bad. What are your strengths and weaknesses? In all honesty there is nothing really that i would want to change about me. I'm really satisfied with who I am but as mentioned above, the only thing that i would change is that I would want to be in more communities. Is there anything that you would like to change ?
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