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Target Case Competition 2013 - MSU

March 21, 2013

paige tracy

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Target Case Competition 2013 - MSU

Target Case Competition
Healthy Guests = Happy Guests
Ray Macksoud
Chris McFarland
David Rodgers
Paige Tracy
Cara Whinnery
Strategy 1
Stronger focus on healthy food options at Target
Strategy 3
Strategy 4
Strategy 2
Concluding Thoughts
To Target guests,
Health and Wellness means...
How does Target currently fulfill the health and wellness needs of its customers?
What are some ways Target could improve to ensure it meets all the health and wellness needs of its customers?
NFL Play 60
Emphasis on Pharmacy Advertising
Clean and well organized stores
Great customer service
High quality in-house products
Expand Fresh Foods
Archer Farms Deli
Increase perishable food options in all stores nationwide
Why fresh foods?
Risk versus Reward
Meal of the Week
Archer Farms Products
Meal Card:
Nutrition facts
location of each ingredient to store
Partnering with health
conscious companies
Spot Advertising Campaign
Wii Fit
Target is Quality
Target is Competitive
Expanding company with innovative ideas
Issues weekly sales ad
Rewards Credit Card
Variety of exclusive brands
Target is Health Conscious
Staying active
Eating healthy
Preventative care
Full service Pharmacy
Large variety of health and wellness products

National Presence
Focus on young audience
Demonstrates Target Cares
Interactive demo station
Highest selling game console
Why Spot?
In-Store Banners
Weekly Ads
Sponsoring races and walks
Donations to parks
Improving Target’s
Pharmacy Reputation
Youngest average shopper of major discount retailers at 41 years of age
Median Annual Income of $63,000
A short-term promotional campaign targeted specifically to the needs of children
Increase customer loyalty by focusing on young families
Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid
Spot the Dog
Target Market
Young Families living healthy lifestyles
Methods of Advertising
advertising of
Target's Health
Fresh Foods
Archer Farm Deli
Partnerships with health focused organizations
"Spot the Dog"
Promotional Campaign
Thank you for
your consideration!
Product Partnership
Campaign Partnership
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