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The Treasure of Lemon Brown

No description

Tatsu Charles

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The Treasure of Lemon Brown

The Treasure of Lemon Brown
I had to leave school when i was 13(page .5)

Every man got a treasure(page .9)

You really think that treasure of your is worth fighting for?(page .13)

Greg pushed the button over the bell marked ridley, though of the lecture ha knew his father would give him, and smiled.(page .13
Short Story
Characters: The characters in this story were well developed with great attention paid to small, significant details including the character's past and how they came to their present situation.

Theme: We thought the theme of this story was One man's trash is another man's treasure. Lemon Brown gave the impression that his treasure was gold but his treasure was just something that was important to him and would have no significance for anyone else
Word Master
In the beginning of the story, Greg faces troubles with his father about his grades at school. Greg's father says he cant play basketball until he studies to get his grades up. Instead of studying, Greg take a walk into Harlem, but when the rain comes, he takes shelter in a seemingly abandoned house. It turned out that the house was occupied by a man named Lemon Brown who was once a famous blues player. Lemon tells him that Greg wasn't one of the thugs who tried to steal his treasure. Lemon says that everyone has a treasure so Greg asks what it is. Lemon changes the subject to his past. He said that he was one of the best blue players in the South. He eventually gave up the blues because he had no more reason to be sad.
Overall, we enjoyed this selection. The plot elements were clearly defined and there was a tremendous amount of detail put into it. This selection is a great example of an amazingly written short story with all of the elements needed to tell a story properly. This story also seemed very believable because of the realistic details. This section was a really good choice.
The Treasure of Lemon Brown
By Walter Dean Myers
Mark, Charles, T.R. :-)
As Lemon was talking, Greg noticed a few thugs hanging around outside. As he and Lemon hid upstairs, the men came in to steal Lemon's treasure. Greg and Lemon devised a plan to scare away the thugs so they would never come back. Then, Lemon showed Greg his treasure. It consisted of a harmonica and a few old papers. They belonged to Lemon Brown's son who had died at war and were very special to him. Greg realized that a treasure didn't have to be valuable. When Greg went home, he told Lemon to take care of the treasure, and Lemon agreed.
In The Treasure of Lemon Brown Lemon claims he has a treasure. So the thugs think its gold and wants to rob it from him. So Greg is trapped with Lemon to fight off the thugs. When the treasure is shown to Greg he understand what something might mean to someone. If this book where to continue Greg would probably push harder to play basketball and get his treasure which would be some basketball. This should also push Greg further into his dreams and understand life.
Some events that happened in this book that might happen in real life is a kid wanting to play basketball but their grades are to low so their parents wouldn't allow it. A kid or a hobo getting attacked by thugs and the thugs want his money (treasure). Also a kid can be a hobo as well.

Impromptu: made or done on the spur of the moment

vaulted: jumped

bodega: a restaurant, a shop, or a pantry.

Commence: to begin

intently: with great concentration

ominous: Treating harm or evil

Rising Action
Greg leaves his house on a walk and when it begins to rain, he takes shelter in an abandoned building. There he finds Lemon Brown and Lemon talks about his past and his treasure.
While Greg and Lemon are talking, a group of thugs try to come in and steal Lemon's treasure, probably thinking it was gold. They devise a plan to scare away the thugs.
Falling Action
Lemon decides to whow Greg his treasure. It is a harmonica and some old papers. It wouldnt seem that important to anyone except that they from Lemon's son who died at war.
Greg eventually leaves to go back home. He tells Lemon to watch carefully over his treasure and Lemon agrees.
Exposition: The main characters in this story are Greg,
his dad, and Lemon Brown. Greg's situation in this story
he cant play basketball until he gets good grades. Instead
of studying he takes a walk. The setting is in Harlem.
No Place Like Home:
The theme No Place Like is also very prevalent throughout.
this story. In the beginning if this story, Greg leaves his
home and goes out into the city of Harlem. He goes into a
building, which is another home, that of Lemon Brown, which,
although not impressive feels like home to him. At the end of
the stiry, the two part ways. Greg, back to his home, and
Lemon, to another city.
In this picture Greg is walking through the street
of Harlem. He has just finished his debate with his dad, and he is supposed to be studying.

In this picture, Greg has just walked into lemon browns apartment. (pov)
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