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Daily Life in Afghan Culture

No description

Chibueze Jacob

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Daily Life in Afghan Culture

Daily Life in Afghan Culture
What does an Afghan citizen’s clothing choices suggest about their position in the culture?
(By Quinten)
What does traditional Afghan clothing suggest about cultural values? (By CJ)
How do Afghan recreational activities illustrate cultural priorities? (By Sam)
Describe the Afghan Economy. (By Doug)
What are the economy's current challenges? Why? (By Phillipe)
Traditional Sports in Afghanistan Include
How do they illustrate cultural priorities?
-competitive edge/somewhat violent/men
- Agriculture is the main occupation, 10% is cultivated
-Land damaged because of warfare in 80s and 90s
-Hashish and Opium most impotant cash crops
-Deposits of iron,copper,niobium,cobalt,gold, and molydenum are collapsing
-high unemployment rate (40% in 2005)
-Wool,lambskin,cotton,fruits,nuts, and opium are the main exports
-Diminishing due to civil war
-Depend on international assistance with Pakistan, the United States, and India
-The United States pledged $16 billion in development aid
The Afghan economy
- Women wear burqas which cover entire body except eyes
- Women's clothing emphasize a wife-look b/c women save beauty for their husbands.
-Men wear a qmis (white, male dress) and turbans for religious tradition.
-Men's clothing demonstrate a look of royalty b/c of their exotic turbans and white qmis.
-Extremely poor, with 36% under the national poverty line
-Recovering from a three year drought and cut off trade from Pakistan
-90% of the worlds opium supply
-Trade dominated by the re-export of products to Pakistan
-Remains one of the least developed Countries
-Recovering from the fall of the Taliban in 2001, and billions of dollars in international assistance

- they like everything to be modest
- women usually to wear a burqa that covers them from their head to below the kness
-men usually wear clothes covering their whole body, except their forehead and feet for prayers
-clothings are fitted to religious needs
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