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Stress Management

Lunch & Learn

Alana Padbury

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Stress Management

Lunch & Learn
Stress Management
Stress Management
Symptoms of Stress
-What is stress?
-What are your biggest causes of stress?
-Symptoms of stress
-External vs. Internal Stress
-Time Management / People
-How to cope with the stress in your every day life
What causes stress in your life?
What is stress?
95:5 Principle; 5% of life is what happens to you. 95% is how you react to those things.
External vs Internal Stress
People and Time
How to Relax / Cope
*surround yourself w/ supportive people
*talk to professionals when necessary

*prioritize your time
*keep a calendar with deadlines
1. George has been working on a project for several months. He has worked very hard on this project including at night after work. He is expected to present what he has been working on tomorrow. His computer crashed; he lost all of his saved work. Considering time, people, and money, how can George work his way out of this difficult situation?

2. Jenny has been caring for her elderly mother. She has been asked to work on a project that will cause her to stay later at work. Considering time, people, and money, how can Jenny handle this difficult situation?

3. Tony is a single parent raising his son. His son has been sick for several weeks, which has caused Tony to use all of his sick and vacation days. Tony came down with the flu himself. Considering time, people, and money, how can Tony handle this difficult situation?

4. Sarah is working on paying off her credit card debt each month. She has created a plan for herself. Life threw her a curve ball this month. She had unexpected medical expenses and will be behind in her payments. Considering time, people, and money, how can Sarah handle this difficult situation?

5. Taylor is growing frustrated because he spends most of his day completing his co-worker’s jobs. He has tried talking to his co-worker about it, but they refuse to take responsibility. Taylor even has to stay later every day to clean up. Considering time, people, and money, how can Taylor handle this difficult situation?
2. Being close to tears often
3. Short temper / less tolerant of others
1. Increase in negative thoughts
4. High Blood Pressure
5. Feeling Tired
7. Headaches
8. Digestive Problems
6. Muscular Tension
Self Talk
1. Music
3. Power Naps
4. Exercise
5. Breathing Exercises
6. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
7. Prep the Night Before
8. Don't Stress Eat
9. Worry Less
10. Write
11. Laugh
12. Say One Positive Thing
2. Visualization
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