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The Whiskey Rebellion

Effect on U.S. history

Juliana Lu

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Whiskey Rebellion

Introduction The Whiskey Rebellion by Shea Christian and Juliana Lu-Yang The Whiskey Rebellion showed the strength of the new government in areas where the previous government (under the Articles of Confederation) had been weak. It proved that a strong central government that could produce an army from the states could be very effective when faced with a domestic uprising. The success of putting down the rebellion enhanced the reputation and increased the support for the nation's newly ratified Constitution. In conclusion... Background Aftermath All rebels were pardoned or set free
Political opposition to tax continued, but violence was quelled
Most of the country was happy about the way George Washington handled it-Democratic Republicans were not
Tax was repealed in 1802 Unit Question Focus Question Government under Articles of Confederation did not
have power to levy taxes Forced to borrow money Congress combined national and state debts Bond holders need to be paid → tax on whiskey First tax on a domestic product Tax became law in March 1791 Reactions Immediately controversial Social reformers thought tax would inform public about harmful effects of alcohol Gave large distillers an advantage Early Rebellion Farmers on the frontier often used whiskey for trading, and got upset when they had to pay taxes for it
In opposition of the tax, rebels in Washington County, Pennsylvania, attacked their tax collector’s home
Other people began to follow their example and violence increased Rebels tarring and feathering a tax collector. Rebellion and Federal Intervention Government told rebels to end violence
Federal government met with rebel leaders to avoid
1794-Washington led13,000 militiamen into PA
Late 1794-troops entered PA and arrested 150 rebels
No formal battle The Whiskey Rebellion was a rebellion against a federal tax on whiskey intended to pay off the leftover debts from the Revolutionary War. It was one of the most important movements of the early republic because it tested the federal government’s power for the first time since the Constitution’s ratification. It also was the first time federal troops were used to suppress the people. Whiskey tax receipt George Washington reviewing troops on their way to confront the rebels Westerners were some of the strongest opponents to the tax Small farmers (esp. in the west) vs. large manufacturers in East •Strengthened political value of rule of law
-Showed the people that the law was to be followed
•Strengthened the Constitutional principle of Federalism
-Both the federal government and state governments worked to crush the rebellion Bibliography Showed US citizens that government would not stand for violence
Showed that government had power to levy taxes
Made American political culture what it is today by demonstrating the supremacy of the government in affairs that are possibly dangerous to the common well-being Washington at Carlisle 1794 Alexander Hamilton Constitution Newspaper
article about
the negative
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