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Slender Man

No description

Moua Vang

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Slender Man

sources to determine fact or fake
In some photo's there was a picture of slender man who was playing with the children. There are also recording dating back to the cave man time where drawing were seen that describe slender man.
Description of a Urban Legend
Purpose and Origin
Explain How You Determine If A Story is an Urban Legend?
real or fake??
Many People think he is both fake and real. Some have claim to seen or experience the trauma that he can Indus to his victims. There are also strange abduction's of children disappearing with in 7 hours of them claim to see a man in a black suit.
Slender Man
How Urban Legends are Spread
Slender Man is a being that has no facial expression and stalk its prey until the are either dead or they commit suicide.
Made By:
Moua vang
Jose Martinez
Alex Hinojosa

A Legend of mythology or crime that took place some time in the far past or near future
They are mostly spread though the internet or people who are so interisted that they tell others
The purpose of Urban Legends is that they tell a respected theme or just a story to tell others.
The origins are from people with creative minds who chose to tell creepy/scary/and fun tales of a person, monster, or object.
You have to determine what type of folktale it is.
You have to decide if its real or fake.
consisting of stories that may or may not have been believed by their tellers to be true
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