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TG Treats New Business Plan

No description

BPA project

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of TG Treats New Business Plan

TG Treats:
A New Business Plan

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Step 1
We acknowledged what fields all the businesses are lacking in, so that you can improve and use everyone else flaws to make your business better.
Step 2
We have acknowledged the strengths of each business, including TG Treats, to show where the focus of your improvements should be.
Step 3
After looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each business, we have found that you need to improve in three specific areas in order for your business to thrive
SBM 05
Limited variety
Very simple design
Doesn't make special orders
Hand made; time consuming
Doesn't have a sugar free line
Doesn't use organic materials
Doesn't practice fair trade
Not diverse (Product portfolio)
Hand made; time consuming
No factory sales
Not diverse (Package sizes and product portfolio)
High prices
Fancy Chocolates
*Luxury Range
*Costumer Select Mix
Top in sales and profit
Brand awareness
Best product taste
Increased indulgence factor
Expanded geographically
Diverse in packaging
Will merge (If possible)
Top in specialty sales
Make high profit after tax
Highest return on sales
Increased indulgence factor
Has a sugar free line
Uses organic material
Practices fair trade
Expanded geographically
Merge (potentially)
Product Design-
High prices
Hand made (Time consuming)
No factory sales
Not diverse (Package sizes)
Doesn't use organic materials
Doesn't practice fair trade
Increased indulgence factor
Has a sugar free line
Expanded geographically
Diverse (Product portfolio)
Will merge (If possible)
Sugar- Free Lines
A sugar- free line will attract more calorie cautious consumers, thus increasing your sales not only to chocolate lovers, but people who like to indulge without gaining pounds.
Merging can help you gain market share and become a bigger competitor with larger companies. It can also decrease the amount of competition in the market.
Diversity in packaging and product portfolio makes the customers more aware of the products you are selling by lining up your products side by side.
TG Treats
Moderate variety
Only does special holiday orders
Not fully automated
Inconvenient location
Doesn't have increased indulgence factor
Doesn't have a sugar free line
Doesn't practice fair trade
Not diverse (Product portfolio)
Will not merge
*Hand made to order
*Buys raw chocolate
*Luxury boxes
*Mostly packed at point on sale
*Mostly telephone sales to retail outlets
*Contract Service
Product Design -
*Standard range
*Limited variety
*Fully automated
*Buys raw chocolate
*Designed for
simple automated
*Dedicated sales force
*Own Distribution
*Constant innovation
*Chocolate of the month
*Hand made to fill sales
*Buys raw chocolates
*Mostly packed at
point of sale
Sales /Services-
*Telephone sales to retail outlets
*Contract service
TG Treats
Diverse (Package sizes)
Uses organic materials
Low prices
Expanded geographically
Hand made raw
Some New Product Ideas
Gourmet chocolate
covered strawberries
Personalized/ Special occasion chocolates
We were hired in order to make your business flourish the way you envisioned it to. We plan on helping you to achieve with these three simple steps.
First, we will show you a brief overview of each of your competitors. Then, we will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor; including yourselves. Lastly, we will look at several things you can improve to get your business to the top.

In order for you to turn your vision for this business into a reality, you must look at and take into consideration the three steps presented. By acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and taking action to improve your business, you will see how in a few short years, your business could be number one!
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