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Beats by Dr. Dre

No description

Sara Leinbach

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Beats by Dr. Dre

Beats Electronics Beats by Dre Partners Features and Benefits Consumer Wants and Needs Current Target Market:
17 to 35 year-old athletes, women, and business professionals
Whoever wears these headphones is seen as a fashionable, flashy music enthusiast - someone who represents prestige or class
Consumers who idolize Beats celebrity endorsers would be a part of the target market Competition SWOT analysis:

Phillips Electronics
Apple products HTC
Monster Cable
Interscope Records
(written material)
Best Buy
P. Diddy
LeBron James
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga
LA Lakers
Kobe Bryant Celebrity
Endorsers Estimated Annual Sales =$6.9M
Headquarters in Santa Monica, CA
Former subsidiary of HTC America Inc.
Founded in 2006
Company specializing in high definition media
Business venture between Dr. Dre (celebrity rapper, sound engineer, pop idol, and "media gangster"), Jimmy Iovine, and Interscope Records
Formerly engineered with Monster Cable
"Mr. Iovine said his and Dr. Dre's goal was to create a headphone that would bring listeners as close to the recording experience as possible." (Ad Age)
Beats headphones range from $99-$450
In 2010, estimated to sell 1.3 million pairs Products:
Headphones, earphones, speakers, audio inside phones (HTC), computers (HP), and cars (Chrysler) "Unique blend of science and artistry to bring you exactly what the artist intended" (beatsbydrdre.com)
Tailored hardware complements Beats audio software
Sleek design and durable materials (don't have to worry about them breaking or fraying)
Built in mic for calls
Various colors and styles The consumer wants a product that is above the competition.
There is a trust among the brand, due to its development by a music industry leader.
Consumers want the ability to choose from a variety of styles, from ear buds to over-ear headphones.
They want the highest quality product for the price they are paying. SWOT Analysis: Beats Potential Customers Survey Questions Our Findings Message Strategy Communication style and approach
Talking directly to our target market as if we are their peer
The big unifying idea
Showing the consumers that they are receiving the best product/brand of the competition for the amount they are paying
Expected longevity
June through October Creative Strategy Objectives: Elements of campaign: Budget College students who have a budget but want quality products
Focus on females
Targeting the mass through various segmented groups Demographic questions (age, race, gender, disposable income, location etc.)
How often do you listen to music on headphones?
Do you prefer earbuds or over the ear headphones?
How important is sound quality when listening to music on headphones?
What is your current headphone brand of choice?
How much did those headphones cost?
Where do you/did you purchase your headphones?
What is the maximum you are willing to pay for headphones?
Do you find that peers influence your buying decision?
Are comfort and practicality important in your buying decision for headphones?
How important is the brand name on your headphone purchasing decision?
Do celebrity endorsers influence your buying decision?
Do the engineers/manufacturers of a product influence your buying decision?
Have you heard of Beats Electronics? 1) Increase brand awareness of beats audio to our target audience
2) Make the creatives appealing, memorable, and connect with our target audience
3) Show through creatives that high quality is worth the price of the headphones
4) Create brand identity within our target market
5) Create ways for our target market to interact with the brand/product Tone
Visual of the big idea
Examples Media Strategy strengths weaknesses opportunities threats quality of sound
diversity as a brand (products & partnerships)
unique and stylish appearance
large amount of users end of partnership with Monster
high price trust in Dr. Dre as a leader in the music industry
new partnerships and celebrity endorsers
expanding line of products competitors
unauthorized dealers or counterfeit products Majority use headphones everyday
Prefer ear buds over over-the-ear
Over 75% said sound quality is either important or very important
Many headphone users currently own Apple products
Majority spend between $0 and $20 for headphones
A good amount have spent or are willing to spend over $140
50% said opinion of peers is unimportant
66% said comfort is very important
Brand name and celebrity endorsers do not seem to have a huge influence
70% of participants had heard of Beats
Many negative responses to Beats, including that they are overrated or overpriced Thank you! Sara Leinbach
Nicole Resch
Logan Nogales
Libby Dallis Below the Lines The Beat Battle
Pandora One promotion
Ultra Music Festival Evaluating the campaign Copy testing to determine effectiveness
Post testing
Looking at communication effects and behavioral effects
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