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6.04 The Korean War

No description

Allison Russell

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of 6.04 The Korean War

6.04 The Korean War
General McArthur
President Truman
North Korea
How did General Douglas MacArthur react to the events in Korea? What was his stance on the Korean War?
To make the Korean peninsula into a communist nation.
The United States and United Nations stopped them.
The Chinese joined the war on the Korean side and pushed the United States and United nations back to the 38th parallel line.
to win China over before they became communists with the Soviet Union
He wasn't aloud to be a general anymore and he was ordered to stay the 20 mile mark.
We stayed away from China for the most part and failed to get them to be a democracy.
to stop soviet expansion, the war, and the spread of communism.
Americans didn't want to go to war.
The war ended in a stalemate.
To stay in a "safe zone" that way there were no interruptions in their reconstruction.
They feared that the United States would break into China if the US and South Korea were aloud into war.
China planned a surprise attack and defeated American Troops
United Nations
to stop the spread of communism
General McArthur went against what he was told and pasted the 20 mile mark.
The United Nations Forces went under the command of McArthur to push invading North Korea forces back.
McArthur was determined to win. He didn't see the early reverses of the war which cornered Korean and US forces into Pusan as a "second Dunkirk" and was firmly convinced that victory was still possible, eventually ordering the amphibious landings at Inchon behind the front to cut off enemy supplies. It was a difficult operation that worked in threatening to cut off North Korean forces attacking in the south, forcing them into a retreat.
How did President Truman respond to the events in Korea? What was his stance on the Korean War?
Truman assigned General McArthur as the leader of the United Nations troops. Truman wanted to restore peace in North Korea and South Korea as soon as possible. Under no circumstances did Truman want to give the Chinese a reason to enter the war. He wanted MacArthur to stay away from the Chinese border. Although McArthur would later disobey.
Which leader’s actions were the most justifiable - General MacArthur’s or President Truman’s? Support your claim with evidence from the lesson.
I think that Truman’s actions were the most justifiable because General McArthur disobeyed Truman’s orders by crossing the Chinese border when he was specifically warned to stay away from that it. The Chinese entered the war and the war lasted a lot longer than it would have needed to, and he should have listened to Truman's order.
Would the outcome of the Korean War have been different had General MacArthur not
been fired? Why or why not? Support your claim with evidence from the lesson.
I don't believe that the outcome of the Korean War would have been different because the Chinese had already entered the war long before McArthur was fired. Of course it was McArthur’s fault that the Chinese had even entered the war. McArthur probably would have just made even more of a mess and drug it out even longer if he hadn’t been fired.
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