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C. Harris/ E.L. Ullman

Urban Land Use

Jeremy DeWitt DeWitt

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of C. Harris/ E.L. Ullman

C. Harris/ E.L. Ullman By Jeremy DeWitt Born: 1914
Bridge between American and Russian Geographers in the 1950's
Wrote "The Nature of Cities" with Edward Ullman
Described the Multiple Nuclei Model
Explains how many 20th century American cities operate Chauncey Harris Urban Land Use Edward Louis Ullman Born: (1912 - 1976)
American Geographer
Suggested that trade was an interaction based on three phenomena: complementarity, intervening opportunities, and transferability of commodities.
The level of interaction can be measured by the gravity model of trade. People have greater movment based increased car ownership.
The bigger the population, the bigger the city gets and the more nodes are created
Cities within nodes
Each node compliments another
ex. college campus has a bookstore or cofee shop next to it. Multiple Nuclei Model http://chronicle.uchicago.edu/040108/obit-harris.shtml

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