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I AM Presentation

No description

Nabeel Shahid

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of I AM Presentation

I AM Presentation
Like many other students, I also want to go to college because it sets us up for success . In order to get there, I will study, work hard, and keep this goal in mind. There are some specific schools that I would like to attend. These include the prestigious colleges that many people aim for. However, if I could choose any university, it would be Stanford. It has the popularity and quality of an Ivy League school, and it isn't too far from home.
Family Members
My family members include my mother, father, and little sister. Both of my parents are immigrants, but they can speak fluent English, and they have grown accustomed to the American culture. My dad came from India to America for work, then returned to get married to my mom. They then bought a house in San Diego, and soon I was born. Years passed and they didn't have another baby. I was an only child for a long time, and I always wanted a sibling to play with. A few more years went by and my wish was granted: mom gave birth to my sister.
I've had a lot of pets. I
wouldn't consider myself
too much of an animal person,
but I do know how to take care
of them. Some of the pets that
I have kept are parrots, fish, a hermit crab, and a cat. I got my hermit crab a long long time ago,
and it was my first pet. I have had
many fish, all in different sizes, colors and species. The largest pet I've ever had was my cat, Cashew. I got him when he was a kitten
and he was always filled with energy.
My ultimate dream ever since I was a kid was to become President. I know its sounds pretty generic, but I always wanted to become a very important person in the world, or to have an interesting life. Maybe it was because I thought my little-kid life was very boring and repetitive, or maybe it was because I wanted to be the boss of everybody. Now I obviously want to do more realistic things, but I think everyone has some sort of longing for adventure.
Another one of my dreams was to become a professional basketball player, as people always would tell me how tall I was in fifth grade. However, at my school, they had very strict rules on what you could play and what you couldn't. Because of this, we were very restricted on what we could play, and soon my interest wore out. Still, currently, I play bump and small games, but I don't really have a passion for it to join a league.
My goal for an occupation is to become an
architect. I believe that this is a great job because it involves a lot of planning and creating, which I am really interested in. Architects design buildings, which may seem extremely bleak, but in big projects they can create unique structures with a lot of thought going into them. Wouldn't you like to design your own house in any way you wanted it to look?
Family is a very important aspect of our childhood and adulthood. Without them, we truly would be nowhere.

Both of my parents come from India, while I was born in America. Growing up with immigrant parents is obviously different from other families, but then again it's not too different. When I was little I used to eat more Indian food, but now I don't really like it. I have realized that I don't as much associate with India as much anymore, but that is still okay. I have visited India two or three times to see my grandparents. I like going there because I get to see them, and I get to experience things that are very different than in America.
Culture is a very
important thing. We all have
some special piece of culture that we value. I
think that it is extremely important to never forget where you came from and where your roots are.
Friends are a very important part of life. You might need them to have your back, or in case you need some support. You may be able to live without them, but chances are that you will be lonely and even miserable. Having connections with people is something that I am very supportive of. I have friends at school, but I also have friends that aren't in Oak Valley. I usually don't see my school friends other than on campus, and I wish I'd see them more. Many of those friends are in my class, but I don't have the strongest relationships with them. I want to strengthen the friendships, but I also want to make new friends just as much.
Nabeel Shahid
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