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Elvis Presley

No description

Tuskiie Diaby

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley He was born on 8 January 1935. His brother, Jesse
Aaron Presley died at birth. He had a long and difficult childhood in his hometown, Tupelo. In 1938, they lost the house because they arrested his father. He was imprisoned for eight months, and Elvis and Gladys went to live with relatives.
In September 1941, Presley began in the first grade in East Tupelo. He was encouraged to enter a singing competition after impressing the teacher with an interpretation of the country song "Old Shep. The competition, held at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show, on 3 October 1945, saw his first action in public dressed as cowboy, his ten year old was just sitting microphone again and sang "Old Shep". Months later, his father bought him his first guitar as a birthday gift. He wanted a bike considerably more expensive. During the following year, he received basic guitar lessons. Since a child because her passion for music as blues, gospel, doo wop and country music. His favorite singer was tenor Mario Lanza, but had great predilection for Dean Martin, Arthur Crudup and groups who said the rural blues.
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