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Tolby Energy presentation 3-4

No description

Emma Shriver

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Tolby Energy presentation 3-4

Help keep the earth, people, and animals healthy!

Why use less electricity?

The adventurous energy saving firefly!

TOLBY: Turn Off Lights Behind You!

Save money!
I can…Tell you where my electricity comes from.
I can… Help save electricity at school and home.

Let's Save Energy!
coal, oil, water, sun, nuclear and wind

The sources of electricity are:

Water, sun and wind are called renewable energy because they can be made again in a short amount of time.

Where we get our electricity

HI! My name is Emma Appleman

Coal and oil are non-renewable energy which means it takes a really long time to make.
Coal and oil are taken out from deep under ground and is shipped to places that burn it to turn it into fuel to use for electricity.

Coal and oil are dead plants from millions of years ago.
We have to pay for electricity just like we have to pay for things like food.

You can save money by using LESS electricity!

Electricity also costs money

Coal Power Plants

Hot Water
Wash your clothes in cold water
Take a short shower
Turn off the faucet
Turn Off lights behind you.
Phantom Load
How will YOU use less energy??
Music players
Alarm clock
Video games
How to use less electricity
How we use electricity
Coal and oil are also called fossil fuels.

Tell your friends and family!
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