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Technology in School

No description

Samantha Danzey

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Technology in School

Teacher Expectations:
Used for work related activities
Student expectations
Only use school appropriate sites
Take care of the equipment properly
Source properly to avoid plagiarism.
No cyber bullying
Technology in School
By: Lynn Danzey
Find information resources for use in their
Use e-mail
Use a Smart Board
Teacher web site to give information to the parents and students
How has it evolved?
Students used to make presentations on poster boards, now they create prezis, power points, comic strips, and other multi-media presentations.
Students used to communicate more verbally, and through note passing. Now they communicate through texting, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.
Books and binders are being replaced by tablets, laptops, and flash drives.
Special education students were sent out of the classroom in the past. Now, special tools are available to help them be successful in the regular classroom setting.
Give students the option to make presentations using multi-media sources.
What are the three "T"s as suggested by Warlick?
How will you, as a teacher role model, best address the needs of your students in technology use?
Concerns addressed:

Best way to address concerns:
Students need to be taught the dangers of meeting people they do not know through social media. This would best be done through community police officers, who can come and tell the students stories that have happened with strangers.
Not all internet material is true. Students need to realize that there is much false information to be found out there. Exposing students to this information allows them to see that you cannot believe everything you read.
Bullying is a huge problem with social media. Students need to be involved in school wide bully prevention programs to learn how to handle this type of activity. If all schools could implement a program, such as this, there would be much less bullying.
What impact do these have in classroom management?
Report/project research
Learning games and programs
Making media presentations
Tools to help students spell, such as Alpha Smart.
Evolved More:
No more chalk boards. Students and teachers use both white boards and smart boards to write on.
Teachers used to keep hand written grade books. Now all grading is done by computer, and parents have access to their child's grades at all times.
Students had basic typing on computers without internet. Now students can surf the world wide web and connect to people all over the world.
Technology keeps students engaged.
Students will need to learn how to work in groups.
Strict guidelines must be in place to ensure student safety.
Time management can be more difficult.
What are the differences in student and teacher use of technology?
What further expectations should be in place in classroom use of technology?
What social media concerns should be addressed at the school level? How might this best occur?
What staff development might be indicated by this video series?
P21 Training teaches the importance of our ever fast-changing world.
How technology allows for differentiation, and meets the needs of many different learning styles within the classroom.
Take advantage of web sites, such as, Brain Pop, Time for Kids, and other interactive learning sites that engage the students, and make learning fun.
Power Point
Smart Boards
In order for students to be successful in todays world they must have tools, such as these, to work with.
Teachers need to stay connected to others
Teachers learn from others through teleconnection
Curriculum is always changing
New and improved teaching methods are found.
Using internet tools such as websites, blogs, and social media helps teachers stay teleconnected.

Teachers need more time.
Not enough planning time
Using tools in the classrooms takes time.
Without giving teacher more time having 21 century technology classrooms is difficult.
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Students learn differently than we did in the past. We need to teach students how they learn.
Teach with interactive power points and smart board activities.
Rotate the daily computer access to the students, ensuring they all get to utilize its capabilities.
Used in an effective, ethical, lawful manner.
Incorporate technology into the classroom for the students
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