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Forensic Anthropology

reaserch and reflection

kristina spieker

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Forensic Anthropology

FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY CAREERS A four year degree in biology, physics, microbiology, chemisty, medical technology, or genetics is required to get an entery level job in forencsic science. A begining monthly salary is about $1900. If you have previous lab experiance you can make up to 3000 dollars a month SALARY To get a more advanced job in forensic anthropology more lab experiance is required. DEFINITION A forensic anthropologist helps identify human remains that are in advanced stages of decompisition. They can also help identify a person whos remains are burried, decomposed, or just plain unreconisable Would I Want to be a Forensic Anthropologist? I personally feel that forensic anthropolgy is not for me. I would not want to be in a lab. Also the bones kind of freak me out. By Kristina Spieker
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