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Career Shadowing

annette riddle, mrs.mathieu, griffin elem.

annette riddle

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Annette riddle-Career shadowing
guidence counselor-gRiffin elementary The basics:
-anger managment class
-social skills group
-Bullying issues
-individual student issues
-ESe paperwork/testing
-under priveledged student help In 15 years: -In 15 years the company should still be standing, and educating. There will just be more technology. Purpose: The purpose of the company is to educate. Employability skills -Dress code-professional
-respect boss
-salary: about 50,000 a year
-Eduacation: master in counseling
(Mm mentor also has a degree in education because she was a teacher before a counselor) Average salary/education Technology -standard microsoft office
-online polk county student directory
-smart boards skills -people skills
-public speaking
-"keeping secrets" Would you pursue a career in the field? No. The job takes alot of pateince, and also a great love for children. I have no patience, and i don't like kids too much. what was the Best part?
The best part of the day was when students could randomly come in and tell the counselor how their day was going. they could basically vent. That part looked fun. what did you dislike? I didn't like all the paperwork that had to be done for every child who came in to talk. i also wouldn't like to test students for ese. We had to make a display board. Other randomness. the end
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