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VISTA New Site Supervisor Training

No description


on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of VISTA New Site Supervisor Training

Sites Site Supervisor VISTA member Site Supervisor VISTA member Site Supervisor Site Supervisor VISTA member Site Supervisor Site Supervisor VISTA member Site Supervisor Site Supervisor VISTA member Site Supervisor Site Supervisor VISTA member Site Supervisor Site Supervisor VISTA member Site Supervisor Site Supervisor VISTA member Site Supervisor Site Supervisor VISTA member Seek a
healthy balance. Be clear about expectations. Set aside time for regular
(weekly) check ins. Be a coach. Maintain good communication needs policies and procedures support for VISTA members financial support training regarding participation in VISTA paperwork quarterly reports communication support for supervisors professional development for VISTA members networking opportunities communication Capacity Building
Direct Service Value your VISTA. Encourage professional
development. The MN Literacy Council provides... What the MN Literacy Council
needs from sites: The Mission of VISTA:

To start, strengthen, or expand
programs, systems, or services
that help people move out of poverty. The Mission of the Minnesota Literacy Council:

To share the power of learning
through education, community building
and advocacy. The Corporation gives the literacy council federal funding for about
40 VISTA spots to be used for
projects related to literacy The literacy council applies to
be a sponsor organization
and commits to following
guidelines for supporting
VISTAs and maintaining
recordkeeping and reporting. Educate other staff
on your VISTA's role Clarify expectations Understand work styles Consider the benefits... What makes a great VISTA supervisor? What makes VISTA members unique? Good VISTA/supervisor relationships: At each site, in each MN Literacy Council
VISTA project: Each VISTA project has a project plan. Each VISTA
member has
a VAD Each site reports on milestones in assigned
service area
in quarterly progress
reports. The literacy council compiles the progress
reports. The literacy council reports to CNCS
milestones for each service area. goals, reporting and accountability The Minnesota Literacy Council
has been a VISTA sponsor since 1999. It is the largest VISTA sponsor in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota Literacy Council
year-long VISTA program on-site supervision Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug sites are
notified recruitment and selection takes place Spring site supervisor meeting submit position description, project plan and VAD create "OSOT" Minnesota Literacy Council VISTA year-long program timeline Site supervisors do on-site training and orientation (OSOT) VISTAs attend PSO VISTAs attend EST Fall VISTA inservice Fall VISTA supervisor training VISTA inservice (Bridges Out of Poverty) VISTA inservice VISTA inservice (Life After VISTA) Last day of service PR due PR due PR due PR due PR due PR due End of service report due Nov Dec Jan RFP released RFP due MLC conducts site visits PR due PR due not staff, not an intern, not just a volunteer...
a temporary resource Think about
long term
sustainability. training and orientation
weekly check-ins
tracking service time
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