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Internet of Things (IoT) with Raspberry Pi and Google Brillo

No description

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Internet of Things (IoT) with Raspberry Pi and Google Brillo

IoT - Little formal understanding
Why new name?
Things (primary purpose - non computing) connected to internet and with each other
Interpolation of hardware and software
Human Augmentation
IoT System
IoT Clients
Provides the ability to obtain information about the IoT system
Allows for user control of devices
Implemented as a dashboard
IoT Hub
Bridge between sensors and the server (cloud)
Aggregates or dispatches messages
Converts protocols (binary to REST)
Internet of Things (IoT) with Raspberry Pi
#IoT #techcon2015
IoT, IoT, IoT... what is it after all?
Let me order Milk!
IoT Server
Provides core message processing
Can be located on a local network or in the cloud
Can run on the hub
Manages client access
IoT Devices
Hardware that connects to the network with a binary or IP based protocol
Includes a software interface
Can implement custom logic
Provides network connectiviy
Command and notification dispatching
Software: The Secret Sauce
Many options - no clear winner....yet
Open Source frameworks backed by large corps
IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oracle, Samsung
Multiple platforms and languages - .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
Personal Cloud
PiGlow Notifier
Temperature Sensor
#IoT #techcon2015
Mark Ramsey
Parva Thakkar
Local Companies working on IoT
Cool Videos
Explosion of Devices
Not so far in future
Protocol Wars
Who's going to win?
Project Goals
Create a visual indicator of specific Tweets

Raspberry Pi Model B+
PiGlow Add On Card

Node Red
PiGlow Node

Project Goals
Record temperatures to a file at specific intervals
Tweet temperatures at specific intervals

DS18B20 Sensor + Breadboard
Pi Cobbler Cable + Adapter
Raspberry Pi Model B

Node Red
DS18B20 Node
Temperature Sensor
End-to-end solution for IoT by Google
User experience:
Connected Mail Box
Connected Mail Box
PiGlow Notifier
PiGlow Notifier
Lesssons Learned
One thing at a time
Pay attention to software versions
Be patient - Not a PC
Test software with mocks
Many Node Red examples available

PiGlow Notifier
PiGlow Notifier Demo
Temperature Sensor
Operating System: Project Brillo
Cammunications: Weave
PiGlow Notifer - Node Red
PiGlow Notifer - JavaScript
NodeRed - http://nodered.org/
PiGlow Board - http://shop.pimoroni.com/products/piglow
DSB1820 Sensor - http://www.adafruit.com/product/374
PiCobler - http://www.adafruit.com/product/914
Rapberry Pi Foundation - http://www.raspberrypi.org/


RasPi Today
Gigaom Internet of Things Show -

Get Out Your Phones
Post a Tweet with BOTH of these hashtags:
#iot #techcon2015
and make the last word one of the following colors:

Be creative! Lets light up the PiGlow!
#iot #hashtag Roses are red
* Operating System
* Communications
* User experience
-Derived from Android
-Low power wireless solution
-Can be used by many different device manufacturers
-Any android system can recognise any other android evices based on brillo and weave.
Thank you!
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