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4.02 Italian city-states

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Sarah Nichols

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of 4.02 Italian city-states

4.02 Italian city-states
Florence was known for being the central city-state of banking and trading located north of Rome. It's citizens were very wealthy which held their economy at high standards. Florence was divided into two different types of craftsmen and businessmen. Which were also known as guilds. One group consisted of the wealthiest and the most powerful craftsmen and businessmen and the other consisted of the less important craftsmen and businessmen. It had the most traditional democracy rule, in which were ran by strong and wealthy families.
Gaining a reputation of the most aggressive city-state Milan was ruled my two families the Visconti Family and then the Sforza family. Even thought they were cruel rulers they formed Milan into the most wealthy and powerful city-state. Adding to their population Florence joined forces with Milan's strong military forces and people after being nearly defeated to create a balance of power.

Naples was the furthest south but it's economy depended on it's agriculture. It's farmlands were very poor. Although the Harbor of Naples was a very beneficial thing for providing routes for trading.
Rome was controlled by the Roman Catholic Church. Rome was known for it's artists and scholars because it had no major industries or trade. For an income it depended on church businesses and pilgrims.
By: Sarah Nichols
Venice was one of the first city-states of Italy. It is known for its geographic location inside Italy's boot along the Adriatic Sea. It has beautiful canals that provide great water ways for trading with other countries. Also by having these wonderful water ways and Venice's location it has helped their economy flourish because it is the best position for trade from Europe to the Byzantine Empire and the water ways provided that route to carry those goods for trade.
five major city-states that flourished in Italy during the Renaissance.
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