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French Cinema Presentation

No description

Stefano Tabios

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of French Cinema Presentation

Émile Cohl (1857-1938) Born Emile Courtet
Known as "The Father of the Animated Cartoon" and "The Oldest Parisian"
Father, Elie was a rubber salesman and his mother, Emilie Laure, was a linen seamstress
In 1872, Elie Courtet placed his 15-year-old son in a three-year apprenticeship with a jeweler. Émile drew caricatures, enlisted in the Cherbourg regiment, and drew some more. Elie placed him with a maritime insurance broker. Émile left the broker, got a much poorer-paying job with a philatelist and declared his preference for drawing, the Bohemian lifestyle, and if necessary, going hungry.
French Cinema Today By: Stefano Tabios French Animation Fantasmagorie (1908) Cohl placed each drawing on an illuminated glass plate and then traced the next drawing-with variations-on top of it until he had some 700 drawings. Some of Cohl's Early Accomplishments Created Fantasmagorie in 1908, which is considered to be the first real animated cartoon to be drawn on paper
Techniques (1908-1925): Morphing, Puppet Animation (stop motion), and pixilation
Foundations to French Animation today Jobard ne peut pas voir les femmes travailler (Jobard cannot see the women working) The Boutdebois Brothers Strong Presence in the Oscars Best Animated:
Persepolis (2007)
The Illusionist (2010)
A Cat in Paris (2011) Best Animated Short Film
The Old Lady and the Pigeons (2007)
Oktapodi (2008)
Logorama (2009 Winner)
Madagascar, A Journey Diary (2010)
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