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Copy of Multiple-Tier Timelines

No description

Mandy Marlo

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Multiple-Tier Timelines

Timelines Timelines:
A way of displaying events in
chronological order. A multiple-tier timeline uses two rows of events,
with each row representing a different topic or
perspective related to a specific time period. Example: a timeline of events in the United States can be shown parallel to a timeline of events in Mexico. Multiple-tier timelines can be used to
analyze cause and effect relationships or
patterns and themes among events in a
specific period of time. How to
dates B.C. or A.D.
B.C.=Before Christ
A.D.= “anno Domini” B.C.E. or C.E.
B.C.E.= Before Common Era
C.E.= Common Era What could a
multiple-tier timeline compare? 1920 CE - 1929 CE
Major events in the United States
Major events in the world Life of Albert Einstein
Major inventions of the time Life of your grandma
Major world events
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