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Prapti No Kef

No description

Pranali Shah

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Prapti No Kef

The Merchant, The Sadhu, and The Parasmani
Moral: The greatest folly of human nature is to not realize the value of what we have until it's gone.

"A Bhagwan jeva sadhu chhe, bawa ki vairagi nathi."
"Ignorance is Bliss" in satsang

3 steps to understanding importance of prapti no kef:
1. Why we need prapti no kef
2. How to obtain prapti no kef
3. Results of having prapti no kef
Prapti No Kef
pain of sadhus makes Maharaj cry
"Do not forget, the prapti that my santo have attained (referring to himself), no one else on this Earth has attained such a prapti!"

"Raaj maare din din Diwali re"
"Bhaagya jaagya re aaj jaanva thayaa koti kalyaan"
Virchandbhai Modi
Keralu in North Gujarat
suffered terrible family loss
"prapti ma vishwaas"

old woman of Ghandela

Bhagwanjibhai Mandaviya of Toronto
Vachanamrut Gadhada I - 24: “ [Such a devotee feels,] ‘I am extremely fortunate and completely fulfilled, whereas others in the world are constantly being troubled by lust, anger, avarice, infatuation, arrogance, matsar, desires and cravings. They are subject to the three types of sufferings day and night. As for me, the incarnate form of Purushottam has compassionately revealed his own form to me. He has also freed me from lust, anger, and all of the other vicious natures. He has also placed me in the company of sadhus similar to Naran and the Sanakadik. Indeed I am very fortunate.”
Prapti no Kef - pride with realization of great attainment of God and God-realized sadhu
obedience of Guru -> eternal happiness and Akshardham
3 steps to achieve: (1) contemplate mahima of prapti (2) turn understanding to faith and trust (3) apply faith to daily life
Maya, not following agna, & ignorance = no peace even after prapti
Swamishri is guide to ridding of above 3
Spiritual tasks are key to realizing prapti of guru
Raajipo of guru should be most valuable
journey to raajipo leads to prapti no vichaar
"fool amongst fools" businessman

U.S. Center of Disease Control, 2011 Survey - 1 of every 10 adults is depressed
Step 1: Think about the Mahima of our Prapti
true samagam
swabhavs eradicated -> divine happiness

Prapti Day in Atladra 2009
"If one has attained God and realized his divine happiness then one finds material happiness to be fleeting. Real happiness lies in God, in doing his bhajan."
Key Points
Step 2: Mahima Solidified into Faith and Trust
Step 3: Faith in Swamishri Applied to our Lives
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
worldly feats - Guinness Record
transforms ordinary people - "Lallu Baatli"
virtues - selflessness
divine powers (Aishwarya) - Rambhai of Mojidad
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