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HIPAA Compliant Angels (2)

No description

Bobbi McKnight

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of HIPAA Compliant Angels (2)

Foundation Drive Phase 1- Be creative! Phase 2 - Determinations Results ! Core Learning Objectives Interactive Scenarios HIPAA Compliant Angels Small Group Work

-Read through Scenario
-Fill in areas with your own experiences, words, imagination
-Decide on roles
-Practice to present to class Large Group Determinations

-Was HIPAA violated???
- If so, list out violations Post Test
Course Evaluation 2012 Certification Knowledge What is HIPAA and Why? PHI and Identifiers Commonplace Compliance Issues Communication Strategies Protected Health Information (PHI) *Health or billing information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual Phase 3 - CriticalThinking Large Group Dialogue
-Reporting Experience
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) * Federal Law, Overseen by Dept. of Health and Human Services

* Speaks to confidentiality and accountability of how we handle Protected Health Information (PHI) in verbal, written or electronic forms
* Three Main Points

1.) Prevents the use and release of unauthorized health information

2.) Give patients access rights to their medical information

3.) Requires minimum disclosure necessary for proper care PHI Identifiers (18) Name, geographic locators, DOB, admission date, discharge date, death date, telephone/fax numbers, email, facebook, website, ss#, medical record number, health plan number, account number, certificate or license number, vehicle id number, full face photos, finger or voice prints, names of relatives. Please Pass the PHI Please Pass PHI To:
*To Authorized Entities Only Please Pass the Following to Unauthorized Entities:

* General Conditions; Location; Timing or Staging Process

NOT: Diagnostic Information, Prognosis, Vital Signs (verbal, written or through unsecured electronics) Authorized or Unauthorized? Patient's Doctors Offices, Pharmacy, Hospital Patient Patient's family members or friends who are designated Authorized Disclosures Required by Law: Supervisor or Co-Worker Involved in Care Authorized Public health records, communicable disease reporting, abuse reporting, health oversite agencies, court warrants, funeral director, or coroner. 911 Emergency Medical Personnel Your Own Family, Your Friends, Your Other Clients Non-Authorized Family Members and Friends of the Patient Strangers, By-Standers,
Public Ears Unauthorized Reasonable Safeguards & Minimal Use Penalties and Reporting Requirements Reasonable Safeguards Keep Care Plan Notebook Closed Lower Voice in Public Areas Ask Client! Use curtains, screens, dividers Distance between discussions and bystanders Shred PHI Lock Files in Car Out of Sight Take Only That Client's Care Plan into Their Home Use Handset, Not Speaker Phone Protected File Areas for Only Licensed Workers Be Reasonable!!!! Think About What You Are Saying, To Whom, and Where You Are!!! Casually or Maliciously Reading a Care Plan Knowingly Releasing PHI to Unauthorized Persons Personal or Commercial Gain Unauthorized Gaining Access Under False Pretenses Willful Neglect Minimum Use Just Information You Need to Care Properly for the Client! OH NO!
What Happens Now??? Discipline Actions No Defense Unintentional Release of PHI Let Employer Know Immediately How and Why This Happened Suggest Ways to Prevent it From Happening Again Complete Incident Report Possible Employment Termination Civil and Criminal Penalties (Government) Fines and Prison Ignorance of Law Is No Defense $100 to $50,000 per offense per violation HIPAA
HIPAA Training and Certification
for Caregivers of Visiting Angels PreTest - Test your current knowledge!

Review the facts of HIPAA and related information

Dialogue about common compliance issues and learn strategies through role playing and group discussion

Post Test November Topic: WELCOME
ANGELS! Introductions Bibliography Dahl , L. S. (2006, November). Fairview Health Services self learning activity HIPAA privacy for caregivers. Retrieved from http://www.med.umn.edu/domcenter/prod/groups/med/@pub/@med/@dom/documents/asset/med_asset_346017.pdf

Envision HealthEd. (Producer) (2010). Privacy and security: The new HIPAA rule. [Web]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTjZ7GokQw4

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Schmaltz, J. (Performer) (2009). HIPAA training for the employees of MediSav Homecare Pharmacies, Inc. part two [Web]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYSrfL69Z1Y
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