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Apache Indian Tribe

No description

Mrs.Nelson 5th Grade

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Apache Indian Tribe

Apache Indian Tribe
Class B
Group #4
Grace Lindenberger
Mark Saldana
Ashley Drake
Willie Harrison

The woman from the Apache tribe collected nuts, berries, corn, and other foods that were planted.They are not really the farming type people.As the women collect berries the men are out hunting for deer,moose, rabbits,and all different kinds of animals.They hunted with bow and arrow.They also eat wild roots,fruits from cacti,and wild potatos.In the winter the ate wild mammoth.
Squash was also apart of there natural diet.There primary source was buffalo.They also hunt and eat elk, turkey, fox,etc.
http://www.bigorrin.org/apache_kids.htm, www.findfast.org, www.nativeamericanlanguagesofamerica//, www.greatdreams.com/apache102eh.htm, http://www.impurplehawk.com/apache, http://nativeamericans.mrdonn.org/southwest/apache/religion.html,aaanativearts.com, http://the apachetribe.weeby.com/government.html

They are a unique tribe. The most
important person in there tribe is Lozen. They were important because they made stuff that still is changing our lives today! The Apache tribe helped us make internet possible.


The Apache were nomadic group of hunting gatherers. They are also important because they were known as great warriors. The Apache were also great traders.The members of the Apache tribe were made up of Athapaskan people and the Indigous people.

The Apache tribe called themselves Inde or Nide people. The word Apache is believed to be derived from a Zuni word that means enemy. It took 5,000 United State troops, 500 scouts, 3,000 Mexicans to find Geronimo the leader.
The Apache indians also eat antelope and seeds.they also eat meat,pears,and vegetables.They Apache indians would not eat fish even though they were plentiful.
The women wore lots of jewelry from necklaces to earrings to belts. The women put their hair in oil to make it shiny.
They wore feathers on there heads.The men wore breethcloths in the summer and warmer outfits during the winter.The Apache women wore dresses or long skirts and blouuses made out of leather.
The Apache lived in 2 types of traditional homes; Wikiups and Teepees. The Apache tribe was originally called Apachu which means the enemy.
The Apache belived in super natural beings.So they took shower often to ward away evil spirits.So they belived in make belive things that are not real.

The Apache tribe does not have a king they have a chief instead.The business committee consists of six members, a Chairman a Vice-Chairman a secretary --Treasurer and three additional committee men.
A long time ago around the 1500's native american tribes occupied a great part of the southwest united states.By the 1600's they reached the state of Arizona to fight.
Their main spirit of the god is Ussen. There belief is supported by mythology that explains the creation of the world and includes several deities.
So that is our presentation about the wonderful Apache tribe.I hope you learned a lot.Thank you for listening to our prezi.:)
The Apache history was they were a late arrival in the southwest having drifted down from the canadian home land 500 years ago.In July of 1869 Brevet colonel (major) was the 1st calvary led a scouting expidition with more then 120 troops into the white mountains
Small groups of the Apache tribe would travel with the rest of the tribe.But,each small group has a leader. But,they normally don't camp by other small groups but every one and a while.
In the 17th century there were not a lot of Apache people.In October1880
the Apache tribe was attacked by the mexican troop.He was wounded many times before an important person Victorio finally was killed.
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