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Matoaca High School

No description

Eleanor Boyce

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Matoaca High School

Matoaca High School
Scheduling Process: 2014-2015

Teacher Recommendations
Teachers recommend for ALL core classes (English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Foreign Language) - but, it will benefit you to discuss appropriate levels with your teacher.

NO Contracts
- levels and class recommendations are based on your performance to date...including test scores, class participation, assignment completion, etc

Recommendations will be on your course request - review with parent/guardian and return to school by February 12!!!

Remember, you should be challenging yourself academically each year - we are not a
"minimum requirement school"

Do I really need 7 classes???
Yes, Matoaca High School is not a "minimum requirement school" - the expectation is that you will take 7 classes every year of high school!

Keeps your options open...even if you're not sure about college yet, you may want to go someday and need all of the necessary pre-requisites to qualify

Colleges want to see that you took as many courses as possible while still in high school

Math & Foreign Language in my senior year? Yes!
Let's Review!
Electives: Classes that interest you and/or relate to your post-high school plans...only choose classes you are willing to take

Chesterfield Tech Center: lots of specialized courses to choose from - APPLICATION ONLY
Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply

Dual Enrollment electives may have 1 - 2 applications
Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply

Final Reminders!
Today, you will pick 6 elective choices...any one of these 6 courses could appear on your schedule.

Total classes to appear on your schedule: 7
These courses will be drawn from teacher recommendations (4-5 core classes) and from your elective choices (2-3)

If you are accepted to the CTC, your counselor will meet with you and will drop your elective classes to add the CTC class (April 1)
Dates to Remember
February 3-4: CTC Orientation via H/PE 10 classes

February 3: Career Fair during Lunch & Learn

February 14: Course Request Letters sent home

February 18: Course Request Letters returned with signature

February 21: CTC opportunities day (Sophomores)

March 7: CTC Application Deadline

March 21: JTCC Application deadline

**Please note: CTC and DE classes may not appear on your course request due to application process!!
Dual Enrollment
Classes offered in our building for college credit
Application Only: March 21 deadline
You may qualify based on PSAT scores or you may need additional testing
Rigorous coursework
Homework most nights
Seeking motivated students who plan to attend a 2- or 4-year school
Be an independent learner
Increase college-readiness skills
Advanced Placement (AP)
College-level curriculum
Complete summer assignments and nightly homework
AP exam at end of course may provide college credit
You should:
work well independently
be a creative problem solver
demonstrate persistence and perseverance
be a critical thinker
like to analyze facts and situations
Begin with the End in Mind
Why not prepare for college in high school? Take a college-level class!

Not planning to attend college? That's ok - take career and technical electives!

Review level recommendations with your teacher...make them aware of your post-high school plans!

9th and 10th graders may have specific graduation requirements, such as Health/PE and Economics & Personal Finance - these will automatically be on your schedule as core classes!
Transcript and Planning for the Future
Each class and grade you earn in high school ends up on your transcript...and gets calculated into your GPA

Each class chosen should be relevant to your future plans and goals...
"Begin with the end in mind

Make educated elective class choices - you will write out choices in rank order (1-6) on the elective course request
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