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Tennessee - History

History and Facts

Marjorie Sudberry

on 25 March 2012

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Transcript of Tennessee - History

Tennessee 8000 BC Archiac-Indians hunters-gatherers
built settlements-base camps fish hooks, traps and nets 1000BC-1000AD Woodland Period Agriculture came to TN
more permanent villages
bow and arrow
large cookings pots from clay ceremonial mounds for their dead 1000AD Mississippian Cultures built temple mounds
made fine stone tools
used copper
grew pumpkins, squash, beans, potatoes, and corn 1300 AD Creek Indians small towns

driven out of TN by the Cherokee Hernando de Soto 1539 - 1st European to view TN 1692 French Fur Traders establish a trading post that later becomes Nashville 1767 Daniel Boone arrives in TN leads settlers through the
Cumberland Gap 1794 State of Franklin declares independence from North Carolina June 1, 1796 Tennessee
16th State Capital? 1812 Nashville
1817 Knoxville
1819 Murfreesboro
1843 to present Nashville 1821 - Sequoyah introduces his writing system for the Cherokee language 1828- Andrew Jackson War hero
Battle of New Orleans
Trail of Tears 1830 - 1850 Trail of Tears Indian Removal Act
between 1830-1850 around 100,000 Native Americans forced to leave their homes and relocate Tennessans Sam Houston and Davy Crockett help the Republic of Texas achieve independence Sam Houston Davy Crockett President
works to expand westard James K Polk 1861 TN secedes from the
union...Civil War Feb 1862 Grant takes Nashville
MArch 1862 Battle of Shiloh ...Confederate loss
June 1862 Union forces take Memphis
1863 Union forces take Chattanooga
1863 Union gains control of Tennessee 1866 readmitted to the Union
after ratifying the 14th Amendment 1870 rewrote the state Constitution and confirms Slavery illegal THE END
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