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Microcontroller Project

Microcontroller Prezi for SESIP

demi shoyombo

on 5 August 2010

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Transcript of Microcontroller Project

Microcontroller and Sensor Circuit Design, Construction, and Test Purpose
Technology is advancing rapidly everyday
Expectations and need for advancment is rapidly increasing
Technology is now one of the major topics
Microcontroller is now a major contributor to the technilogical world
Demi Shoyombo Anthony Victorain Information Known as "a computer on a chip"
Dedicated to one task
Found in many automatic or interactive machines Space Engineering and Science Internship Program (SESIP) Texas Southern University (Summer 2010) Background Average home has 4 all-purpose processors and over 3 dozen microcontroller
Most mid range vehicles have atleast 30 microcontrollers Heat Moisture Central Processing Unt
Memory (Read-Only-Memory)
Clock Components Piezo Transducer Moisture Sensor Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Resistor Circuits Automatic Windshield Wipers
Automatic Fan
Digital Thermometer Materials Transistors
Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Sensor Display Module
DC Motor
Control Switch
Infrared Interface
Microcontroller Reference Brain, M. (2000, April 1). How Microcontrollers Work. Retrieved Jun 17, 2010, from HowStuffWorks.com: http://www.howstuffworks.com/microcontroller.htm
University of Bolton. (2007, May 18). Unit 1 - Introduction to Microcontrollers . Retrieved June 17, 2010, from http://www.ami.ac.uk/courses/ami4655_micros/u01/index.asp#1.2
What are FPGAs? (2010, May 30). Retrieved June 17, 2010, from fpga4fun.com: http://www.fpga4fun.com/FPGAinfo1.html
Wikipedia.org. (2010, January 4). Microtechnology. Retrieved July 6, 2010, from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microtechnology

Understand the functions and capabilities of the microcontroller
Teach significance and importance of microcontrollers in technology
Possibly help to enhance discover of new ways they can be used to simplify our society. Broad Impact Naga V. Naidu
Ms. Rachel Mizzell
Ms. Vera McDaniels
Dr. Kunle Kehinde
Dr. Bobby Wilson
Ms. Shanna Simmons Acknowledgment Dr. Kunle Kehinde
Dr. Bobby Wilson
Ms. Vera McDaniels
Mr. Naga V. Naidu
Ms. Rachel Mizzell
Ms. Shanna Simmons Acknowledgements Sensors Small electrical units designed to detect a certain stimuli Sound Light Phototransistor (PHT) Microphone Seismograph
Light Meter
Moisture Meter
Noise Meter Introduction Micrcontroller Methodology Tools
Digital Volt Meter
Time Recorder
External Measurements
Results Light Meter Automatic Windshield Wipers Noise Level Meter Automatic Fan Seismograph Moisture Meter Digital Thermometer Conclusion By implementing a circuit with a microcontroller, the circuit becomes intelligent, being able to perform many tasks it could not before.
With our microcontroller, we were able to take measurements of different elements and perform complex tasks a simple circuit could not have done on its own.
This experiment has opened up different views of how to implement a circuit using microcontrollers.
The possibilities are endless, stressing the significance of microcontrollers in microelectronics is key in man's effort to advance
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