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Persuasive Devices: Letter to the Editor

The purpose of this activity is for students to develop their skills in persuasive device analysis by anaslying a letter to the editor. Students are then required to demonstrate this knowledge by composing their own letter in response.

Julia Walters

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Devices: Letter to the Editor

The Letter to the Editor Persuasive Texts Values de-railed I believe, as do our prime minister, that our state high schools do not teach the values necessary for our future citizens. One only has to look at the way in which local high school students behave in public places and the sorry state of their uniforms before and after school. I am appalled at the level of basic skills and the presentation of some young people when they apply for a job at my firm.
Is this where our next prime minister will come from: the rowdy crew at the local station?
Pat Donovan,
Warringbah 1. What is the writer trying to convince us of?
(What is the writer's purpose?)

2. Identify 2 persuasive devices that the writer uses and provide examples of each.

3. Suggest 2 other devices that the writer could use and provide examples of each. 4. What does the writer want the reader to
think and feel?

5. What does the writer mean by saying that their uniforms are in a "sorry state"?
6. What word means the importance, worth or usefulness of something? Read the following letter to the editor and answer the following questions in your A4 workbooks: Analysing Persuasive Texts In your writing logbooks write
another letter to the editor in response to Pat Donovan.

You should attempt to use FIVE persuasive devices.

The letter should also contain TWO paragraphs.

Before submitting your letter, give it to a peer to review and identify the FIVE persuasive devices used. Writing Activity Dear Editor,
A Letter to the Editor is a letter written by a member of the newspaper's readership in direct response to a previously published article, letter or other issues of current interest in the newspaper.

It offers a personal opinion and is written from the first person perspective. Subheading An emboldened subheading chosen by the newspaper editor identifies the letter's subject matter.
Clever use of word choice and techniques such as alliteration and pun help create a point of interest. Opening Statement This introduces the issue and the writer's opinion Points of substantation These form the main part of the Letter to the Editor. the writer draws on their own personal experiences, thoughts and opinions to substantiate their argument. Personal Details The Letter to the Editor is concluded with the name and suburb or state of the writer. This is given to enable other readers to respond to specific Letters to the Editor in future editions of the newspaper. Homework Find a Letter to the Editor and paste it into your orange booklet in the space provided.

Identify the persuasive devices used and annotate them in the text.
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