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Planet Saturn (Solar System)

No description

Random Person

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Planet Saturn (Solar System)

Planet Saturn
Facts about saturn: 1>Second largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter.

2> Slightly smaller version of Jupiter with similar but less distinctive, surface patterns

3> Saturn's rings orbit the planet at different tilts, sometimes they can appear like "ears" sticking out of the planet.

4> It is believed that saturn's rings will one day dissapear

5> Saturn is twice as far away from the sun as Jupiter is. How did they made up the name for saturn? The name saturn came from the Greek God Cronus. Saturn's Rings Saturn is a giant gas, it is made up of hydrogen and helium,
Saturn has 61 moons the biggest one of them all is called Titan. Saturn is the sixth planet from
the sun and the secend largest after Jupiter. In 1675 the Itaian born astronomer Jean D. Cassini discovered a "division" in what are now called the A and B Rings. Saturn's rings are made up of dust and ice. Who Discovered Saturn
Galileo Galilei discovered Saturn with the telescope that he made.
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