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National Guard

Prezi is simple: You Write, Zoom, Arrange.Using these simple means, you can express many things - with great impact.Here are some basic examples such as timelines, TOC, Zen likes.

mark bonnett

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of National Guard

So, how do you propose to change this?
Not just an IT system
The Path of Change
Techie Bit!
Approximately 70% of IT Projects fail due to the wrong approach by the business and project teams -
Queue moment of silence... :)
make it tiny

of other dependencies other IT and business changes (moving to a new building)
Involving staff
and ensuring managers allow time for staff to input into the decision making process and influencing what will be delivered within the system capabilities
enough time and staff / facilities are used for training
suppliers and IT are monitored and held accountable for system up time and quality
realistic expectations
Accepting that
this takes an ownership approach
as we all own this change and are all accountable
With communication amongst other things..
How will this affect me?
Will be able to call up information on your patient
Be able to create and review on line treatment plans
Review test results
Open and review digital radiology
Review and approve student activity
Not have to wait for notes
Or click on another Path element to continue from there
What do we do now?
Who Does it?
Configure system's
So what are the mechanics of this?.
So what are we talking about here, whats does all this look like?.......

SALUD / Romexis and LabTrac Live by September 2014!
New Building, New IT, Paper Light Operations ....
IT has some part in this - but not all!.
Electronic Dental Record.
Dental School Clinical Information System Implementation by Ammar Barmada
A brief presentation on the Dental System Project - what is it all about and how will it affect me?
Most important is that we are all responsible for the projects success and working as one team!
Opportunity to see if we can do things
better / faster etc...
That's All Folks!
Not rocket science... .with a dedicated, qualified and focused team with full Deanship support
So whats it all about?
Operational savings via the removal / use of paper based notes
Reduction in clinical risk (Sharing record info and images / no more handwriting miss-read / no missing notes etc)
To provide our clinicians and students the best software to view imaged from 2D to 3D and panoramic / cone beam.
To enable student progress and activities to be available and managed online with clinical results to be viewed and performance assessed
To best enable research data to be collected
To make more efficient and controlled our Lab Processes
To enable best practice to be achieved, satisfy student demand for IT and become the Dental Teaching Hospital Market leaders in KSA
Development and use of 'Best of Breed' Electronic Dental Record, Lab Management and Radiology systems; also used globally including UK, Norway, US, Canada, Hong Kong, South America etc
By reviewing and agreeing our current ‘dental business’ to understand what we do and how we do it, how we want to improve it and to enable positive change in our organisation for staff and students,
but more importantly our patients.
Will be able to have their work assesed online
and view their scores / approvals
Will be using a system also utilised accross the world and will make them more 'marketable' using the latest systems
Will be able to collect and research data collected
within the system
Can have grades applied per treatment step or per patient
Will be able to review informatics output and understand the clinician activity to a greater level
Will be able to provide more detailed and accurate reports on Dentistry
Will enable via reporting better planing of resources and clinic availability
Creating an Opportunity to ....
*'Core' Systems will still be used for some activity such as patient registration.
YES!!!! Elephants CAN Fly!
We Need to understand...
To review who does it
Here comes the....
Giving us..
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