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Masdar City

No description

Meera Alnuaimi

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Masdar City

Masdar City
Student’s details:
* Meera Juma Alnuaimi, H00226314
* Shamma Mubarak, H00268843
* Al Reem Hamad, H00277282
Teacher :

Mary Cunniffe

January 23, 2014

LSC 1103 _Academic reading and Writing 1
1. Introduction
2. The most useful sources of information
3. Main findings of research
4. learning of doing project
5. Conclusion
* Know Emirates developed cities
* Masdar city is one of the important environmental city in the UAE.
* Definition of Masdar.

The most useful sources of information
* Official Website: http://masdarcity.ae/en/

* We found it sufficient and new information
learning of doing project
* Put good research question.
* writing citations
* compiling a reference list
* using the MSWord reference tab
* writing an introduction or conclusion
* editing drafts
* submitting work on time
* following formatting guidelines
Main findings of research

* “The sustainable city of the future”
* “The Global center of the future energy”
* “Foster and Partners”, “Matt MacDonald”
* Established in 2006

*“In Masdar city the environments play an evaluative role to make masdar city a point to attract renewable energy and the clean companies”
* Studies

* Work
* We presented information about our project " Masdar city"

* It is the most famous city in the UAE.

* There are a lot of people who like it and they hope to live their.

* We like the strategy of Masdar city, also they have many nice concepts.

* Thank you to be attention with us.

Welcome to Masdar City

* “Buildings in Masdar city a beginning of ideas of traditional architecture plans for the Gulf part”

*“It's also being worked on other buildings, including the enlargement of the campus of the Institute of source headquarters building source, which will including the central office”

* “The city will try to reduce the amount of waste to zero”

* “ The developed waste, such as plastic, will be recycled or re-used for other purposes”

* “Energy demand is reduced through high-performance building insulation”

* “It maximizes day lighting and will feature numerous smart appliances”
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