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Reebok Brand Analysis

MKT 302

Austin Livermore

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Reebok Brand Analysis

Laws Affecting Reebok Social/Cultural Environment Lawsuit with Nike over Tebow Jersey
Wake up call for Reebok's future Watch out for the FEDS What does it take to be the Market Leader?
What marketing strategies have been successful?
What should Reebok change to be more competitive? Easytone shoes tone your calves, hamstring, and butt 28% more than other shoes.
$25 million settlement for deceptive advertisement.
Reebok stands by their product but agrees on the settlement. Fraud Allegations Top executives of the Reebok are arrested for "Financial Irregularities".
Cost Reebok $164 million
Reebok stores in India started selling stock at a discount ever since these allegations. Reebok's Response What does it take to be the Market Leader? Nike:
"everyone is an athlete" and they strive for innovation
Nike captured the trends
Utilized athletes: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer
Advertisement Reebok does well as a monobrand company.
Wants to be a "Fitness Only" brand
Successful Marketing Strategies

Celebrity Endorsements:
Starring in ads for a company.
Using their names on products.

Are celebrities effective in advertisement? Take a second and think of a pair of headphones. Did you think of Denon AH-D7 100?

Or maybe the V-Moda Crossfade?

Or possibly the Bowers and Wilkens? Probably not...
Chances are you thought of Beats by Dre. Success of Celebrity Endorsement:

Dr. Dre #1 in hip hop earners - 100 million from Beats alone.
Justin Bieber Perfume sales at Macy's Skyrocket - up 132% from last year.
Jay-Z shoe line with Reebok - 48% increase in sales Reebok's Plan for the Future:

Signing music artists: Swizz Beats, Rick Ross, and Tyga.
Re-Releasing Popular Styles
Deal with Crossfit Economic Environment Median household income trends

Crossfit VS traditional gym
How does social media influence
consumer spending habits?

Nike: Multiple accounts with 200K+ followers
Reebok: No accounts with 100K followers Description of Reebok Innovative with technologies Main focus on fitness Consumer Trends Originally founded in the 1890's How do people research fitness? Reebok and the Environment Leather Sourcing in the Amazon Rainforest Apps... Reebok's Positive Impact on the Environment By 2015, Reebok will have reduced its energy emissions by 10-15%
By 2018, Reebok will be using 100% sustainable cotton CrossFit A modern form of workout No Pants Day? Reebok Zigtech Used in athletic performance sneakers
Technology actually propels you forward
Zigtech technology reduces wear and tear on the body by up to 20% Reebok ATV19+ Endorsed by UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
Made for all surfaces Reebok often advertises in an edgy manner Initially invented running shoes with spikes Demographic Environment Recommendations:
Celebrity Endorsements
Social Media
Apps Team Reebok Christopher Hulse
Sam Levy
Austin Livermore
Ashwin Moorthy
Jack Wight
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