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English 303 Guide

A crash course to multimedia writing.

Eric Waddon

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of English 303 Guide

First Step
The first thing we had to do was identify and learn just exactly what a story was.

It contains a seriers of related actions (this then this, or if this then this...)
It has a point or purpose that falls under the purview of professional writing genres (shows that a product, service, issue, etc. is worthy of the viewer's response)
It encourages that a specific response be taken by the viewer. The Criteria Brainstorm To find out what we were passionate about we then had to brainstorm. Writing down the top three things we were passionate about and then choosing one to expand on and write our story about. Draft After deciding the topic for our story the next step was to write up the draft. The only requirements were to meet the three story critera and keep it under two minutes Feedback After you write your story the next step is to present it to your peers. Positive and critical feedback will be given to help lead your story in the best direction. Blog The final step to this point would be to create your own blog. The blog should contain the revised version of you first draft after you have received feedback from the class. Also you must add a multimedia aspect to go along with the story. ENGLISH 303 MULTIMEDIA WRITING
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