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Race - Part I

Reconstruction to WWII

Joshua Almes

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Race - Part I

Was Reconstruction a Success?

1. African Americans were elected at all levels of government.
2. Blacks had access to public education.
3. Social Institutions were built - Schools, hospitals, families, churches ... etc.
4. Access to land.

1. Cycle of Poverty
2. Racism - KKK
3. National Dichotomy develops over issue of race.
W.E.B. Du Bois
- Believes African Americans should assimilate quickly.
- Promotes a liberal arts education for Blacks.
- Wants the most talented 10% of Blacks to help lead the country.
Booker T. Washington
- Wants Blacks to slowly assimilate.
- Promotes an industrial education (farming, factories, blue collar labor.
- Believes that Whites will accept Blacks after years of hard work.
Literacy Test:
A reading exam used to
keep African Americans
from voting.
Poll Tax:

A tax paid for the right
to vote in an election.
Grandfather Clause:

- If Grandpa could vote, you can vote.
- Let's Whites escape poll tax/literacy test.

- a law that separates Blacks from Whites in American society.
1. If it were proposed to join Alabama and Mississippi to form one state, what groups would
have to vote approval in order for this to be done?

2. Who serves as the current Secretary of Agriculture?

3. What federal issue mandates standardized exchange
for the purposes of legal tender and taxation?
Segregation - to separate within a society
based on the condition of race.
Plessy vs. Ferguson

- Homer Plessy boards a "Whites Only" train car.

- Born a free citizen and only "1/8 Black."

- Under Louisiana law, an octoroon was considered
Black according to Jim Crow legislation.

- Supreme Court ruled in favor of SEPARATE BUT EQUAL
facilities in American society.
The Gilded Age
N.A.A.C.P. (National Association for the Advancement
of Colored People)
- Founded by W.E.B. Du Bois

1. Seeks to promote peace by protesting violence
against the African American community.

2. Looks to improve the social, economic, political
and educational roles of African Americans.
Exodusters - African Americans who
move to Kansas to farm.
Are Exodusters breaking the
Cycle of Poverty?

Nope :( --- Geography
End of WWI: 1919
Segregated Units

- Movement of Blacks to Northern Cities

Is the word "migration" racist?

1. African Americans want to escape Southern racism.
2. Boll Weevil's infest Southern crops.
3. Henry Ford and the assembly line open up new possibilities.




Crowded ghettos
Resentment from Northerners

Segregation - keeping people separated based on their race.
Marcus Garvey
- Jamaican Immigrant
- Fought with DuBois
- Black nationalism
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