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No description

sierra wright

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Ocean

Submarines are watercraft capable
of independent operation underwater.
Atlantic Ocean
Length 15m
Width 10m
Height 1.5m
Cruise Speed 2-3 knots
Maximum Thrust 150kg
Operating Depth 11,000m
Launch Weight 3600kg
The deep ocean has extreme pressure. The lower you go the more pressure there is, every 33ft the pressure increases by 14.5psi. In order to withstand these harsh conditions you will need some deep sea diving equipment but don't worry all equipment is included in your vacation.

Underwater Breathing Apparatus
There are many different kinds of breathing apparatuses including the twin cylinder set that has a twin hose demand regulator. It will have a semi-closed rebreather, helping it get less affected by depth and allow twice the duration as a closed circuit rebreather. The air will last up to 24 hours.
The Atlantic ocean is the worlds second largest ocean with the total area of 106,400,000 square kilometers. Take a 5 night stay for only $1000 a night.
We will take a submarine into the south Atlantic Ocean





On the first day we will leave at 9:30am and begin to descend around 9:45am arriving at 11:30pm and have a buffet lunch and enjoy an underwater night dining experience later that evening.

Today we will have independent submarine tours of the surrounding area and then later, go swimming with the marine life.
Our Submarine:
Deep Ocean Dangers
On this descent to the ocean depths we want your safety to come first.
The deep ocean can be a dangerous place. Such as...
The Animals:
Atlantic Wolffish live in the rocky coastal depths. Reaching five feet long these fish eat mostly sea urchin,crabs and mollusks
Six Gill Shark will stay on the ocean floor during the day and at night go up higher for food. They can
get as long as sixteen feet and eat other sharks,rays,squids and sometimes seals.
Today will be the first day opening up our inside underwater sea animal exhibit. Where you can see and learn about all the different fish and plants. Then we will head over to go on a underwater sea walk.
This will be your last day, and you can get a wonderful complimentary breakfast before getting back on the ascending submarine up to the surface. You will board at 10:00am and arrive at 12:00pm.
Diving Suit
There are wet suits and dry suits,but in the deep ocean you will need a dry suit. Dry suits provide buoyancy & abrasion resistance. They can go below -15 degrees Celsius.
Diving Helmets
Today you will wake up and there will be a breakfast buffet and then you can go out on an underwater deep sea scuba diving trip.
Instead of a helmet you will use a full face diving mask, that covers your face and keeps water out. You will have a demand valve that the oxygen will come through. Using a diving mask can help increase breathing security and vision. Full face diving masks will often be
used in professional diving. They will protect you from jellyfish and other stings.

Swim Fins
The swim fins you will use are made of plastic and rubber, they are full foot and will help with movement underwater. There are different types of swim fins but paddle fins will be more effective.
Swim fins will also help by allowing you to move quicker under the water.
Safety Harness/Lifeline

A life line is a line from a control point, it can be used for communication, to allow the diver to be found and it can provide a guideline to the control point and in emergency to bring them back to the control point.
The Most Beautiful Place On Earth
The Vampire Squid is a small deep sea
squid it is only 30cm long and does not
eat live prey.
This is a three
person submarine
that you can go in
with one other
person and an operator to take
you around the area.
An Extreme Vacation
What Makes The Environment Extreme
The ocean is an extreme environment because it has a lot of dangers including the darkness, sun does not penetrate that far down. We have very bright waterproof lights guiding our way. It is also very cold, but there are drysuits for when we're in water and our submarine will keep us at a normal room temperature. There is also not any air,but everything we have has oxygen so we continue to breathe.
Your Hotel has multiple dinning rooms with all day buffets. There are also many rooms that will fit all of your requirements. All hallways have windows so you can see the fish and other animals on the ocean floor.
Special Offer:

If you make reservations for our underwater resort in the next 48 hours you will only have to pay for 4 days instead of 5 while still going on the 5 day trip. Which will save you $1000.
Thanks For Watching
This Concludes My Presentation.
Deep sea scuba diving
Submarine Tours
Swimming with Marine Life
Underwater Sea Walk
Underwater Sea Animal Exhibit.
Hotel Location
Submarine Diagram
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