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civil rights ERA

civil rights of african american people


on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of civil rights ERA

Strategies Montgomery Bus Boycott a political and social protest
campaing in Alabama in 1955
to oppose the sagregation on public transit
transports civil desobedience african american rode interstate
buses into the segregated states to
test the supreme's court decision The greensboro Sit-Ins african american students
refused to have sagregation.
when in a cafeteria they refused
to serve them they refused to leave. PEOPLE MARTIN LUTHER KING ROSA PARKS LITTLE ROCK NINE activist and prominent
in the african american
civil rights movement
activist of the civil rights
refused to give her seat to a
white man. 9 african american students
who entered a sagregated
school in Arkansas ORGANIZATIONS black panthers a self-defense for
african american people KKK a bad organization that
defended white people and
used violence and intimidation
against african americans
SNCC K.u K.lux K.lan a organiztion that
helped african american students
to use no violence student nonviolent coordinating commitee EVENTS CIVIL RIGHTS ACT IN 1964 the law that made all african americans
have equal rights and that prohibit sagregation
in schools BIRMINGHAM CAMPAING A movement organized by the
southern christian leadership conference to bring attention to the unequal treatment to african americans in Alabama. little white nine
the nine african americans whom
enrolled a segregated school
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