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Smart Clothes

No description

Jin Yang

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Smart Clothes

Smart Clothes

Smart Clothes contain Phase Change Material (PCM)
Responds to a rise in temperature.
Absorbing heat and storing it in the liquefied materials.
Temperature falls, the material releases heat energy and the phase change material solidify again.
Research and Survey
We are your Auto Air Conditioner!
Wearing your own air conditioner and going anywhere.
Local Media: TV, newspaper.
Internet: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Posters: In schools, buildings of office areas.

Introduction to Definition
by: Ariel, Lance and Sue
Research and survey is an important factor of consideration. We sent our online survey to our classmates and we received eleven responses. Our survey covers six significant points of clothes: price, function, color and etc.
Selling Motto
Target Place and Consumers

Factory & Store
Design of Logo
Current Limitation and Future Development
1. A Few People Know About it.
2. High Price
Research to Decrease Cost
Design Beautiful Clothes
Our business mainly focus on Arizona due to environment and function of the clothes.
Hot day, Cold night.

Thank You!
Price : $249.99
Price: $119.00
Price: $184.00

Lower rent expenditure
Convenient transportation
Store: Chandler Fashion Center and Scottsdale Fashion Square
Famous shopping center
lower transportation cost
More high-end consumers
Exhibition and advertising
3. Clothes styles are
old in
When the outside temperature above 80 Fahrenheit, our smart clothes can give you cool feeling. On the other hand, when the temperature below 40 Fahrenheit, the smart clothes can keep you warm.
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