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Craig Kielburger

The Hero Project

Nica Alyssa Mae

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Craig Kielburger

The Children's Hero Craig Kielburger Who is Craig Kielburger? Craig Kielburger's Goal What did he do about it? After reading the newspaper, Craig who was angry and determined to fight child labour went to school and discussed it with his teacher and classmates. Eleven of his friends joined him with his plans on helping child labourers; they called themselves "Twelve-Twelve-Years-Olds. They started a charity called Free the Children. They also send out couple of petitions to political leaders and heads of corporations. Some of them even gave speeches in schools, religious and community group about child labour. To see the problem himself 12 year old Craig Kielburger travelled to Asia for seven weeks. What were the obstacles that Craig Kielburger encountered and how did he overcome it? Who are Craig Kielburger's guides and helpers? Craig Kielburger's accomplishments One of the obstacles that Craig Kielburger faced was that he did not have any money to support his organization. He overcome this problem by doing fundraisings like bake sales and car washes. Another obstacle that he faced was that people did not agree with him and he suffered public attacks. Some could not cope with his age, interfering that he was too young to be telling adults, what they should and should not do. Instead of giving up he continued helping the children. One of Craig's biggest obstacle was keeping the hope of the children. To overcome this problem Craig thought of all the good things he had done. Craig Kielburger's
accomplishments Craig Kielburger is a hero because he set a goal which was to end child labor, he encountered obstacles that he faced positively and now his hard work is getting paid little by little because more and more children are being freed from child labor and getting what they deserve, like education. Many youths were inspired by Craig Kielburger and now beginning to take a step to help and fight against child labor. Craig taught us to appreciate things that we have because most of the people do not have somethings that we have, but most of all Craig taught us that nothing is impossible and that children, no matter what age they are, they can make a difference. One of Craig Kielburger's guide is Alma Rahman, who guided him on his seven week trip in Asia. The eleven friends of Craig who joined him in building and funding Free the children are some of his helpers because with out them Craig would have to do all the work alone like sending out letters and faxing leaders about child labor. Craig Kielburger's brother Marc, who is the co-founder of Free the Children is also one of his helpers because he supported him and helped fund the charity. Free the children's volunteers are also Craig's helpers because without them the Kielburger brother's would have to do all the work which will take up a lot of time. The financial supporters of Free the children are also considered helpers because without them Free the Children's programs would never come to life. Also the children themselves are considered helpers of Craig because they inspire him to continue his work. Craig Kielburger is a Canadian activist for the rights of children, who opened the eyes of many people about child labour at a very young age. He was born in Thornhill, Ontario on December 17, 1982. Craig went to University of Toronto, where he graduated with a degree of Peace and Conflict studies. Craig is known because of his organization named Free the Children. Craig Kielburger's goal was to end child labour and to help the children at the same time. How did it all started? Craig Kielburger decided to take an action about child labour after reading an article on a Wednesday morning in 1995 about a 12 year old boy, Iqbal Masih, a former slave in Pakistan, who was murdered after he spoke out about debt slavery, and advocate for the children's right. One of the greatest accomplishments of Craig Kielburger are the projects that Free the Children had done like the schools, rehabilitation centers, medical clinics and more. Having a lot of countries now that are adopting the elimination of child labor is also considered an achievement for Craig. Craig Kielburger's guides and helpers
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